Imported LCV And Cars Comprise 40% Of Market

imported-lcvIn the Turkish automotive market, the number of 662,988 vehicles was sold; of these 215,913 units were domestic made vehicles, 447,075 units were imported ones in the first nine month in 2015. In this period, 373,523 units of the total 500,905 unit automobiles were met by the imported ones. According to the data compiled from the Turkish Automotive Distributors’ Association (ODD), despite foreign currency increase the sales of imported light commercial vehicle and automobiles surged 40.02 percent to 662,988 units in the first nine months this year over the same period last year in the market. The number of vehicles which was sold in the market was imported vehicles with 67.43 percent (447,075), 32.57 percent (215,913) were domestic made vehicles. Totally, Volkswagen ranked atop with 102,777 units, Ford second with 81,502 units, Renault third with 76,812 units. The rate of the imported vehicles in the market reached 75 percent. As the number of 500,905 automobiles were sold in the first nine months, of these 373,523 ones were imported; 127,382 units comprised of the domestic made ones. In this period, 73,552 units of the total 162,083 unit light commercial vehicles were imported ones and the rest ones accounting for 88,531 domestic made light commercial vehicle. So, the domestic made light commercial vehicles surpassed the imported ones with the stake of 54.62 percent in the Turkish market.