Hyundai Completes Promotion Tour In Turkey

Approaching one more step ahead with every passing day along with its quality models and offbeat designs, Hyundai has completed its Turkey tour that started on 27th April.

The vehicles joined the tour accomplished over 10 thousand kilometers as well as over 1000 customer tests were fulfilled through organizing dealer events along with the route.

Drawing attention with its innovative and competitive projects, Hyundai has come forward with touring Turkey. Hyundai Elantra and Tucson models carried out a quite exhausted journey, as well as a pleasing journey for 40 days. In the tour over 35 cities were visited, also special activities have been held in order to highlight its official sponsorship of UEFA Euro 2016 and to share football enthusiasm. Starting on 27th April from the headquarters of Hyundai Assan Directorate General in Istanbul, the tour ended on 3 June.

Speaking at the tour ceremony with participation of 50 national press members, Onder Goker, Director General of Hyundai Assan, said; “We aimed to tour the number of 35 provinces in 40 days, but we have exceeded this figure and we visited 43 cities. However, we imaged our vehicles with 30 historical inheritances and badges of our cities peculiar to them. Our aim is to prove our vehicles’ quality and durability during long-range kilometers and to bring together our brand with our customers across Turkey.

In this context, we are very happy. Because while our vehicles did not let to experience any difficulty during 10 thousand kilometers, left a smile on face of everybody who joined the routes. Also Hyundai Turkey Tour has contributed our targets by realizing over 100 sales and connection.”

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