Future Of Automotive Sector To Be Led By Digital Transformation

One of the most important issues for our businesses is talent management, Alper Kanca, head of TAYSAD

The effects of Digital transformation to human resources management and future of the automotive sector have been observed at the conference entitled “Talent Management Conference” in the host of Turkish Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD).

The head of TAYSAD, Alper Kanca said young people who have adapted to digital transformation will guide the future of the automotive sector.

Alper Kanca delivered the keynote speech at the conference where the senior level representatives of TAYSAD member firms and human resources’ administrators attended. Speaking at the conference held at the Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center, indicating recognizing heads of human resources each other and cooperation had become a must, Kanca said; “One of the most important issues for our businesses is talent management. For this as TAYSAD we try to discover the talents of our employees who will carry our companies to the future. We held this conference to find talented staffs, to improve and keep in the hand, to bring together heads of human resources and to increase information exchange.”

Highlighting they would need to talented graduates from the vocational schools within their human resources policy, Kanca recorded; “Unfortunately the vocational schools are not in our desired level. We manage works to improve the talented students in the vocational schools via determining needs of these schools. We also try to remove the needs of these schools.”

Stating the needs should be focused on young people in order to remove lack of human resources, Alper Kanca said; “Universities are source of the basic application to find the most important human resources for the automotive supplier industry. There is our very talented young population. We should allow these young populations knowledgeable and invite to our sector. As TAYSAD we visit universities and tell the automotive sector. We call them to our plants and let them like automotive. So we attract them to automotive sector. We try to tell why working in the automotive sector is important, what it will acquire them. We also focus on the new generation managers. We bring together, train them. Catching a good synergy we try to make benefit for our young people.”

More qualified employees to be needed with industry 4.0

Pointing out understanding of “Human Resources Management” has been evolved in line with industry 4.0, Perihan Inci, Deputy Chairman of TAYSAD, said; “Today change is being experienced in lots of areas with Industry 4.0. Life of Human Resources will be reshaped with existing Y generation in the business life and Z generation that will enter into human resources.”

Indicating one of the most important changes would happen in business life in the future, Inci said; “Instead of working hours, a more flexible working hours will appear. The automotive sector will be the most effected sector in which digitalization to be used through Industry 4.0. Our aim is to use power of Human Resources in the best way. While fewer employees will be needed with Industry 4.0, but a more qualified labor force will be needed.”

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