Four Provinces Mostly Undertake Automotive Exports

10Turkey’s four provinces which are featured as the base of automotive production achieved 85.25 percent of the sector exports in January

The provinces of Bursa, Istanbul, Kocaeli and Sakarya have increased their share in automotive exports from 83.47 percent in January last year to 85.25 percent in the same month this year. Turkish automotive sector’s exports which were $1 billion 586 million in January 2014 raised $1 billion 730 million with 9.1 percent increase in the same month this year

The biggest contribution to the success of automotive exports, which pose locomotive in the country exports, came from the provinces of Bursa, Istanbul, Kocaeli and Sakarya. Foreign sales of these four provinces were $1 billion 457 million in January 2015. So, these provinces undertook 85.25 percent of the sector exports which were $1 billion 730 million. Those provinces’ export share was 83.47 percent last year in January. Hosting the giants of main industry such as OYAK Renault, Tofas, Karsan as well as supplier industry Bursa exports were $543 million in January 2014, increasing 0.47 percent in the same month this year to $545,5 million. Bursa itself achieved one-third of the sector exports with the share of 31.53 percent.

The closest follower of Bursa province, Istanbul increased in the sector exports 2.82 percent from $384,3 million to 395,1 million in January. Istanbul also got 22.83 percent share from the total automotive exports in January 2015. Kocaeli ranked first increasing its foreign sales, in January 2014 worth $217,5 million, this year same month its exports became $384,4 million with 76.69 percent and got 22.21 percent share from the sector’s total exports. Sakarya decreased its exports 16.12 percent from $179 million to $150,1 million in January compared to the same month last year. In the sector exports, these provinces followed by the provinces of Ankara, Izmir and Manisa respectively in the first month of 2015.

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