Ford Otosan, Exports Locomotive Of Turkey In 2015

fordLeading establishment of Turkey’s automotive sector, Ford Otosan recorded growth over the market which set record in 2015 in terms of passenger, light commercial vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle sales. The company also became the locomotive of the exports in addition to commercial vehicle market leader. Ford gained the commercial vehicle leadership by the commercial vehicle production of Ford Otosan manufactured in Turkey. Ford Otosan Director General Haydar Yenigun said, “We continue to contribute to economy as the net exporters under the title ‘export champion of the sector’ in the 5th consecutive year. We manage 65% of the Turkey’s commercial vehicle exports. In 2015, we set our respective record exporting the number of 253,644 vehicles with 32 percent rise compared to previous year. Expanding our export income 11% year on year, we gained $3,9 billion of export income. In 2014, existing 73 export markets, we have grown in the export markets surging by 82 ones.” Ford Otosan shared its results in 2015 and plans for 2016 with public opinion. Ford Otosan has made Ford number one vehicle brand of Europe with commercial vehicle manufacturing as of the end of 2015. Haydar Yenigun continued, “As we raised the success of Ford Otosan in the domestic market, we will also sustain growth focusing on exports. Today we have surpassed the title of being a regional automotive company. We believe that we have become a player of the global automotive technologies and will clinch our position more in the upcoming period. As we do this, we will get power from innovation, R & D studies and digitalization works as the basic keynotes of Ford.”

Ford Otosan grew over the market
In his speech at the meeting Yenigun said; “2015 was a full of successes, breaking records for Ford Otosan. As Ford Otosan we accomplished the year 2015 with the sales of 126,468 units in the Turkish market with 35 percent rise over the previous year. With 12.6 market share we ranked second in the Turkish market. In automobile our growth was 26% with sales of 47,158 units. We have increased our market share in every key segment. We also raised our sales figure 44% to 71,482 units in light and medium commercial vehicles and we have become the most preferred brand in the light commercial vehicle. Ford Tourneo Courier was the bestseller light commercial vehicle with 30,838 units. In heavy commercial vehicle our total market became 23%. In August 2015 we celebrated 50th anniversary of Transit. We are proud possessing the widest and youngest product range of our sector.”

R & D Base of Ford Otosan
Since the establishment onwards investing in its R & D studies Ford Otosan has staged for the investment which had importance for the automotive sector in 2015 in addition to innovations in its product portfolio. The official inauguration of Turkey’s biggest R & D center was made. As the single Turkish automotive company having ability and infrastructure to develop, design and test a commercial vehicle beginning from first step to final stage, Ford Otosan continues to develop vehicle and engine as well as Virtual Reality Laboratory and HIL laboratory. Ford Otosan will also offer Ecotorq engine 9 lt. and 13 lt. having E3, E5 and E6 emission rates in 2016. Featuring global center of Ford with its R & D activities in heavy commercial, diesel engine and engine systems, Ford Otosan serves to the Global Ford and the world automotive sector with the engineering studies in passenger and light commercial vehicles.

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