Ford Otosan Deserves ‘Green Office’ License

Ford Otosan deserved ‘Green Office’ due to the importance given to environmental sustainability and reducing its impacts on nature

One of the foremost companies of the Turkish automotive sector, Ford Otosan deserved ‘Green Office’ License of WWF-Turkey in line with giving importance to environmental sustainability and reducing its negative impacts on nature. Green Office License is presented by WWF – Turkey to the offices achieves the objectives of ecological footprints.

Joining Green Office program of WWF-Turkey, Ford Otosan has owned ‘Green Office’ with its offices in the aspect of R & D Center, Marketing, Sales and Aftersales in order to reduce ecological impacts with its activities such as energy savings, consciousness in use of energy resources.

Haydar Yenigun: “We are proud regarding taking this certificate in the Turkish automotive sector as a first company”

He said; “One of the most important powers on the way to reach our value production objectives for all of our shareholders is the importance that we give to the ecological sustainability and leading steps we have taken in this field. As we reduce environmental impacts on natural resources in our products and production processes by reaching the highest productivity, on the other hand we accept carrying both society and our company to the future alongside sustainable development vision as one of our basic responsibilities. Because of a business model in which sustainability has been in its center plays a basic role to boost life quality across the world. In line with this, we made decision to join ‘Green Office’ program of WWF-Turkey. Thanks to sensitivities and supports of our staff, we have been the company joining the program along with most of the staff with a single office location. We take pride in regarding deserving for this program as the first company in the Turkish automotive sector.”

Asli Durukan Pasinli, Director General of WWF-Turkey, said: “In face of huge threats with which nature confronts, everybody thinks; ‘what can I do’? However, we believe that there are little steps to be taken by every individual in base of transformation for our world. We believe we can make up huge changes through changing our habits as WWF-Turkey. Our Green Office program is a powerful example with its concrete outlets in this direction. A crucial and significant responsibility falls on teams and employees of green office in this program. Not only remaining to reduce ecological footprint, but also ensuring awareness for a lasting change at office is to require all employees to share this joint purpose. Ford Otosan has fulfilled this duty successfully and deserved to own Green Office license. This transformation at Green Offices is promising. We target to spread Green Office applications for a sustainable life harmonizing with nature. Continuity of this effort increasingly is the biggest wish of our.”

In the scope of green office program was conducted for 10 months;

·         Removal of CO2 emission of a car which drives range of 78,807 km was provided at the end of recoveries with reduction of 10% paper consumption.

·         1,856,205 liters water saving was obtained regarding employees preferred glass cups instead of paper cups in the rate of 12% saving.

  • With 9% water saving, a water waste prevented as much as filling an Olympic swimming pool.
  • At the end recoveries in use of electricity with 10 percent earnings, a saving obtained accounting for monthly electricity consumption of a family with 4 people.

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