First Fiat Egea Rolls Off Production Line

fiatFiat Egea regarded one of the most important projects of Turkey’s automotive history would be
exported to 40 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Having manufactured at the plant of Tofas in the northwestern province of Bursa, the first Fiat Egea has been rolled off the production line with a ceremony. Assessing Fiat Egea as a smart project, Mustafa Koc said the new vehicle would be exported to 40 countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Koc Holding Executive Board Chairman Mustafa Koc said, “The partnership of Koc Holding and Fait Chrysler dates back to long years ago and thanks to confidence in Tofas, our investment has been made in the new models exceeded $1,5 billion.” Fiat Egea is regarded one of the most important projects of Turkey’s automotive history and also the highest investment of the company history. Mustafa Koc said he had felt a great happiness due to sharing that significant day when the production of Fiat Egea was launched. “Nearly one year ago here we came together regarding exports of Doblo model to the USA. We continue to our nonstop investments that began with renewing of Doblo. In order to make Turkish economy maintain its continuing growth there is need to lasting industrial projects,” he noted. Highlighting increasing of industrial investments and the steps taken into this area that should be thought with multidimensional way were very important, Koc said, “Industrial projects should be developed directed towards exports, in addition to the domestic market, together with these employment will be also increased. Today, we have been here for one of the biggest industrial investments of Turkey as an example to this model. We are launching the first model of Egea together with our partner Fait Chrysler.”

Fiat Egea to be exported to 40 countries
It is intelligent because of it has been developed comply with Turkey’s expectations and wide masses can be able to access. While we named our new model, it was inspired by the Aegean Sea. It is a smart vehicle because it also address to Western and Eastern European customers, as well as the domestic market. It will be exported to 40 countries in Europe, Mideast and North Africa. As the same platform, we will also export great portion of hatchback and station wagon besides sedan model. This also makes our project smart. I believe from my heart that Egea will be very successful in every aspect.” Stating they had tested Fiat Egea a few weeks ago with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne and they were very pleased, Koc said the interior and exterior design of the vehicle was excellent; with its roomy space was a truly family vehicle. “The investment amount made in the new models surpassed $1,5 billion thanks to partnership of Koc Holding and Fiat Chrysler based on long year-experience and confidence. I also see significant part of these investments being located for R & D and innovation. As Koc conglomerate investing in technology and innovation we increase the value-added continuously and clinch our competition power. We can deem Egea project as the most powerful example of our conglomerate. I would like to state with proud that Egea project reveals success of Tofas engineering and laboring in the global arena. This investment will provide a very crucial value-added to the Turkish automotive industry and Tofas,” Koc added. Cengiz Eroldu, CEO of TOFAS, said launching of Egea has been a milestone in Tofas history; the project was a work of a half century experience. He noted that they had prepared for that milestone for long years along with support of their powerful partners Koc Holding and Fait Chrysler. The investments, carried out since the beginning of the 1990s, made Tofas the second R & D center of Fiat Chrysler in Europe, he added they had become a player which developing and exporting vehicles to the countries that approved the mainland of automobile. In 2006, they achieved being first “silver plant” in Fiat Chrysler group; in 2012 they crowned their success with “gold level”. Increasing capability in product development and production area had a very big role in coming of those projects to Tofas, Eroldu highlighted.

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