Erdemir Meets 40% Of Automotive Needs


Erdemir Group currently meets some 40 percent of the automotive sector needs in Turkey; the rate would rise by 70 percent with new improved steel qualities and new galvanizing line.

In the scope of the program for the northwestern province of Zonguldak, Faruk Ozlu, Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, visited Eregli Iron and Steel Factory. Starting his program at ‘Erdemir R & D Center’, Minister Faruk Ozlu and accompanying committee was welcomed by Ali Pandir, Chairman of Erdemir Group; Sedat Orhan, Director General of Erdemir and top level officials of Erdemir. Minister Faruk Ozlu visited Erdemir Group, the biggest steel producer of Turkey. Minister Ozlu started its factory tours from Erdemir R & D Center. Ozlu scrutinized the factor closely and got information about operations of the factory. In his speech at the factory, Minister Ozlu pointed out importance of the state-of-the-art technologies, high value added products and investments of these products in today’s competition world. Responding the question of Minister Ozlu about steel for the automotive industry, Ali Pandir, Chairman of Erdemir Group, highlighting the automotive sector has taken place among their most important customers, and said they would meet some 40 percent of the sector needs. He added that the rate would rise by 70 percent with new steel qualities and new galvanizing line of which works were continuing. Highlighting steel that characterized more eco-friendly and lesser cost material compared to other raw materials, Ali Pandir said as long as the sector improves lighter and stronger products steel would be core material in the automotive sector resimevery time. Following his negotiations at Erdemir R & D Center, Minister Ozlu also visited production facilities of Erdemir Group. On behalf of the remembrance of the minister visit, a helmet was presented by the Chairman Ali Pandir and Director General Sedat Orhan . Erdemir Group Erdemir Group is the first and biggest integrated flat steel producer of Turkey. The companies of the group; Isdemir produces flat and long steels, Erdemir Maden has mine fields in Sivas and Malatya, Erdemir Romania produces steels with silica, Erdemir Engineering serves as engineering management and Erdemir Steel Service Center meets dimensional flat steel needs. There is also an office in Singapore to manage activities of the company in Asia-Pacific Region. Joining the structure of OYAK in 2006, Erdemir Group is one of the biggest industrial establishments of Turkey in terms of its total assets.

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