Electric Vehicle To Generate Job For One Million


Electric vehicles and its technologies would ensure new employment areas for one million in Turkey, Berkan Bayram, founder of Turkey’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Platform (TEHAD)

Flourishing of electric automobiles will lead to open new job area for one million people in the sector in Turkey. Berkan Bayram, founder of Turkey’s Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Platform (TEHAD), stating electric vehicles and its technologies would ensure new employment areas, and said; “As of today, constituting new employment areas, operating of these business branches, marketing, offering service stations and manufacturing will lead to open new job areas for one million people in Turkey.”

Bayram highlighted the sector in Turkey has capacity to manufacture vehicles with every kind of technology easily, in Europe the sector has been in leading position in bus and truck production as well.

Indicating the success could be achieved in automobile production, Bayram recorded together with electric automobile production the employment problem will reduce too.

Defending electric automobile would contribute to reduce oil dependency in certain extend in Turkey, Bayram continued; “There is also a material contribution to economy. Almost the incomes of special consumption taxes are gained via oil, natural gas and sales of motor vehicles in the rate of 60%. You cannot remove fossil-powered vehicles completely from the system. There is a transformation period.”

He added electric vehicle production would be effective for several industry areas. “The system will expose lots of new technology areas such as electric vehicle transformation stations, charge stations, software technology, battery technology, movable and wireless charge stations, solar panel charge stations, rooftop solar panel application, cell phone applications, energy stocking systems. Electric vehicles and related technologies will provide new job opportunities,” Bayram noted.

“Fuel cost drops tenfold”

Electric vehicle is efficient 90-95% more than its counterpart. Pointing out fuel cost would plunge tenfold with electric vehicles, Bayram said; “The fuel cost decreases significantly when compared to gasoline-powered vehicle in the same distance. Electric automobile also has more torque. Withdrawal of old vehicles from traffic accounting for 20 percent in Turkey will constitute a movement for electric vehicles. When we look at the market in Turkey, we see that 1600 cc and under this engine volume, vehicles account for 95% of the total market. This shows that the Turkish consumers have not been in search for more powerful engine models. In this, the tax rates play role. In fact, the Turkish consumers are inclined to electric vehicles more.”

2,717 hybrid vehicles sold in 9 months

Reminding hybrid models were sold more when compared the sales figures in the world, Bayram said 46 electric vehicles and 2,717 hybrid vehicles were sold in the first 9 months in Turkey. Bayram recorded last year only 300 hybrid vehicles were sold in the same period. Thanks to progress in battery technology and decrease in costs, high performance would be seen in the sales of electric vehicles in 2025. Incentive should be implemented for investments in charge stations in the scope of domestic made car project.

The market is dominated by America and China

The countries such as Norway, the Netherlands and Germany have started the projects not to emit carbon and to reduce addiction of fossil fuels.

Seemingly the European countries would transfer to electric vehicles in the rate of 70% by 2030, Bayram said. Currently, America and China dominate the electric vehicle market.

About Turkish domestic made car project, Bayram concluded; “This project is a long-term planned project paralleling changing of projections and production models. Letting the project enter into force will be evaluated as a technological breakthrough both in the home and our region. We will respond to the electric vehicle market in the European countries with our electric vehicle projects as automobiles, buses and trucks.”

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