Domestic Made Car To Be Manufactured For Global Markets

“Turkey’s automobile will be manufactured for the world markets; we regard the project as a global project and we aim a global success,” Faruk Ozlu, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology

Evaluating the domestic made car brand Faruk Ozlu, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, said they would observe the world in this topic, adding the car would be cheaper and higher in quality than other automobiles. Beyond characterizing as a domestic made automobile, the automobile is identified as “Turkey’s Automobile”, Minister Ozlu said the total exports of the automotive industry was expected to have reached worth $28 billion in 2017, the value-added has been made up by the companies established in Turkey, for this reason discrimination of domestic and foreign was not made.

About per capita automobile, he said there were 200 automobiles per thousand people in Turkey, 600 units in Europe and 800 units in the USA.

He continued; “Currently per capita income in Turkey being some $11000, we object to raise per capita income by $25 thousand in 2023. When we achieve this goal, 200 cars per thousand will raise 400, 600, 800 units respectively. If we consider an automobile’s price in $20 thousand on average and its lifecycle is 10-15 years, we mean a sector worth $1,5 trillion in Turkey in the upcoming period. So, it would be very wrong approach not to build a brand in such a big sector. I think it would be commented as a lack of self-confidence saying ‘Why we deal with an automobile? We should not make it’.”

“Turkey’s automobile will be the world’s automobile”

Stating the automobile joint-venture group members would make a detail technical and financial analyze with their evaluations, Ozlu continued; “As technically what will we do, what will be the budget of the works in terms of finance? We will use this data in setting up the automobile maker company. After that, the process will be determined via technical and financial analyze to appear. For example, what will be the capital of joint-venture group? What will rates of the capital of the joint-venture companies? We will do a detail financial and technical analyze and we will ensure that the project to fit on a sound bases. In this framework we will also get information from the global consultant companies which are expert in this business.”

Highlighting there were not task distribution in the joint-venture group in the automobile project the responsibility has been shouldered jointly, Ozlu said; “In fact, Turkey’s automobile will be manufactured for the world markets. We regard as a global project and we aim a global success.”

Fuel type

The internal combustion engines expected to be pulled out from the market in the next ten years, so trends in the world have been inclined to zero carbon emission, high torque, driving ability and energy saving electric vehicles, Ozlu said.

Target markets would be North Africa and Middle East, in this the countries would be determined via financial analyze works.

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