DizaynVip Transform Automobiles To Mobile Office

After first speaking automobile of the world, also added artificial intelligence and virtual reality to its business, DizyanVip joined the 88th Geneva International Motor Show

Joining the 88th Geneva International Motor Show, DizaynVip by Erbakan Malkoc as the only Turkish firm in automobile transformation firm fascinated the fans of automotive and celebrities of the world regarding transforming interior room of the vehicles.

First time joining Geneva International Motor Show last year and this year took place at its own stand, Hall 1 with speaking vehicles, Erbakan Malkoç said, “We would like to join this fair since 10 years. Although many renowned names from the automotive sector referred, nevertheless we could not book a place. I obliged to display my designs by means of my dealer in Germany. Last year, first time I took place at a stand with 200 sq meters. Ranging from Christian von Koenigsegg the owner of Koenigseggmotors to lots of renowned names of the sector as well as the names from art, sports and business world visited our stand. This year, I feel great proud taking place at the same stand.”

Pointing out they had signed outstanding business agreements, he said; “Last year, we transformed only 360 vehicles, and we signed over 500 preorder at the fair. The MotoGp world champion Jorge Lorenzo came to our stand to buy our vehicles.”

Malkoc said they would sign preorder agreement over 1000 this year. He stated they enjoyed proud displaying mobile offices, homes with the logo of Mercedes Benz by DizyanVip in the international arena.

“When you ask a question to the first speaking automobile of the world by saying ‘Hi! How are you?’; it responds ‘Hi! My boss, I am fine’. For example, when your seat makes your waist cold, promptly warning, by saying, ‘I turn off cold, or do I make your coffee? This is made by a Turkish firm that the world giant cannot make,” Malkoc recorded.

Minimum per kilogram export worth $250

Making its name known ranging from kings to princes, businesspeople, art performers in the international arena and crowned its success with awards, Erbakan Malkoc offers an indispensable luxury, comfort with independent designs from time and place as well as being able to use their times in a true way. Earning a title regarding integrating technology in a best way and being one step ahead every time Erbakan Malkoc reveals a design with ‘Made in Turkey’ mark which the world automobile giants cannot make in the world arenas.

“Now nobody does not interest in buying the most luxury vehicle. Opposite of this, they are in pursuit of how to reflect their self- personalities to their expensive vehicles; they wish to make this kind of vehicle being felt belonging only to them. Almost our customers prefer their vehicles to be transformed to a mobile office. Time is very valuable for all of us. Time which is spent on roads requires can be used efficiently in the vehicle. In addition, the vehicle owners want to be equipped with a suitable technology in the personalized vehicle,” Malkuc says.

He highlighted they exported automobiles to more than 35 countries primarily to Germany, the UK, France and Italy by bringing over 3600 parts together in vehicle interior transformation.

“If you consider Turkey’ average export value being $1,4, our exports value per kilogram is between $250-1000,” he marked.

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