Discount In Natural Gas Underway

10Following the 14th International and Gas Conference which held in the capital city of Ankara, Minister Yildiz said a discount of 10.25 percent has been agreed between BOTAS and Gazprom

The discount agreement in natural gas price between Turkish Pipeline Company BOTAS and Gazprom will be signed in the rate of 10.25 percent, according to the announcement from Taner Yildiz, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Recourses

Yildiz said they were maintaining in order to bring economy into a stable structure along with a strong will. Highlighting Turkey has set a target for 5.5 percent growth, Minister Yildiz said, “Currently there is a 5.5 percent growth rate of Turkish economy, but the growth in the energy sector was 11.6 percent. Without sluggishness, not loosening in facilitators which have been provided for the private sector, we must install a stringent structure.”

Over a question about 10.25 percent natural gas discount would not be true between Russian Gazprom and BOTAS Yildiz said; “We have ensured the agreement, confidence between us and Russia is important at least written text. If I have said this, it means you have taken the information from the key source. I am happy from this discount on behalf of me.” In fact, Turkish consumers use the cheapest natural gas among the EU countries and take place in 5 countries in the cheapest electricity use in industrial area and dwelling, Yildiz said.

About the new natural gas pipeline project of which groundbreaking ceremony newly made whether its price would be cheapest than the Russian gas, Minister Yildiz said although it is a new project the Azeri gas would be cheaper than the Russian gas. “TANAP is a very important project in the aspect of safety supply for Europe. There were calls for launching energy dialogue in high level, as today Turkey has started it through official courses. While the EU tries to solve its problem with Russia, Turkey will not be key element. Turkish Current is also a project for the EU. Primarily, Turkey should have a structure to replace the western line and minimize the risks. We are not to solve this problem between the EU and Russia. ‘Turkish Current’ is not a project to substitute TANAP, we have 30 percent share in TANAP,” Minister Yildiz said.

Responding another question Yildiz said they foresaw to use different pipelines against any possible disruption in TANAP. The TANAP is foreseen to make Turkey a key hub by the gas pipeline will span to Europe through Caspian region.

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