Digitalization Brings Efficiency To Automotive Industry

dijitalleşmeThe future of automotive sector were discussed at a meeting including digitalization in the automotive production processes, use of 3-dimesional software, position of start-up in the future, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles .

The future of automotive sector in Turkey was discussed at the event held by the cooperation of Automotive Supplier Industry Assembly of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Turkish Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers (TAYSAD) and General Electric Turkey. The effect of industrial internet and digital solutions in the automotive sector which achieves some 17% of the Turkish total exports was addressed at the event held at GE Turkey Innovation Center. The representatives of Turkish automotive sector came together in order to evaluate the effect of digital technology in terms of the sector as well as the future of the sector at GE Turkey Innovation Center. At the event with nearly 100 top-level administrators’ participation, the transformation roadmap of the sector was discussed. The sector representatives highlighted Turkish automotive industry must be effective in the new digital automotive market which anticipated to reach by $1,5 trillion by 2025. Also highlighted that digitalization was a critical need in the automotive sector which accounts for 17% of the Turkish total exports and 12% of value-added. Delivering keynote speech at the event, Dr. Mehmet Dudaroglu said, “The digital maturity level of our industry is seen in the level of 2.0 – 3.0 in the roadmap of Smart Production Systems which were updated by the TUBITAK in January 2016. As for the automotive supplier Industry emerges forefront being one of three strongest sectors in terms of maturity level.” Indicating that objectives had been constituted in the decided three technology groups as ‘Digitalization, Interaction and Future Factories’ at the end of studies managed in order to catch the world level, Dudaroglu said they would target to shed light to the studies under the name ‘Digital Transformation in Industry’ made by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology” with the workshop which was realized at the end of the event through the issues entitled ‘Digital Transformation and ‘Future of Automotive Production’ addressed at the meeting to assume critical role in the future of automotive industry. For his part at event, Uygar Doyuran, Director General of GE Digital Turkey, said that the automotive market would reach $5,3 trillion by 2025 in the world, adding that digital solutions which began to show its effectiveness in the automotive sector would reach $1,5 trillion. Doyuran noted, “Both increasing efficiency and changing products’ design complying with customer need become possible through digitalization of the products. As GE, we work together in the digitalization process of the foremost automotive producers in the markets such as the USA, Europe, China and Japan. In this process, 40 thousand employees use GE products.” At the event there was also a panel titled ‘Can Turkish Automotive Industry Advance Furthermore’ in the moderator of Ozan Acar, Head of TOBB Sectors and Entrepreneurship Department and speakers Omer Burhanoglu, CEO of Farplas and Mehmet Baser, a partner of McKinsey. Ozan Acar said there were automotive and supplier industry and trade assemblies in the structure of TOBB and they would bring together the foremost companies of the sector and associations with the public sector, they would act as an important interface in letting private sector demands to reach public sector. Omer Burhanoglu said the new period technologies had triggered radical changes in the sector, the new period would not be successful through consideration forms of old time. “Industry 4.0 technologies are not different from automation as singular, when we begin to use digitalization in all processes we can pass to Industry 4.0,” he noted. Mehmet Baser said digitalization has brought design, production and sales together and marketing works based on big data analyzes in the Turkish automotive sector would make crucial contributions to the sector in the upcoming period. Ussal Sahbaz, Leader of GE Turkey Innovation, said; “We are quite happy holding the ‘Future of Automotive’ the first one of events for ‘Digital Future in Industry’ that we will hold directed towards various industries in 2017. During the event we have evaluated difficulties with which the automotive sector faces and possible solutions. At our center in order to start this initiative in a quick way we aim to produce valueadded both for our customers and our country by coming together with the foremost shareholders.” From 3 dimensional technologies to electric vehicles Lots of issues on the agenda of the automotive sector in both Turkey and the world were addressed at the event. Many critical issues were discussed at the event such as digitalization in the automotive production processes, use of 3-dimesional software in the automotive industry, position of start-up in the future, electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.dijital

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