Diesel Preference Overtakes Gasoline In Automobile

1In last decade, the rate of diesel powered automobiles surged from 4.7 percent to 29.2 percent in Turkey

I n Turkey, the number of diesel-powered automobiles has overtaken gasoline-powered vehicles in 2014. Last year, 2 million 855 thousand 78 unit gasoline-powered automobiles and 2 million 882 thousand 885 unit diesel powered constituted the automobile figure in Turkey as of end of 2014, according to the survey conducted by Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat). In Turkey, there are the number of 18 million 828 thousand 721 unit vehicles registered in traffic in Turkey as of end of last year. Within last ten years, as gasoline fuel preference decreased, diesel fuel preference has increased in Turkey

In 2004, while 4.7 percent of 75.2 percent registered automobiles of 5 million 400 thousand 440 units were gasoline-powered, now 29 percent of the number of 9 million 857 thousand 915 registered automobiles were gasoline powered, as for 29.2 percent of those were diesel￾powered automobiles according to the statistic conducted as of end of 2014.

Mostly white color attracted attention of the new automobiles with 62.5 percent, gray ones were 16.8 percent, 9.5 percent was black color, 4.9 percent red and 6.4 percent was other colors of the number of 585 thousand 814 unit automobiles which were registered traffic in 2014.