Diesel And LPG-Powered Cars Preferred Mostly

The automobile fans preferred mostly diesel and LPG-powered vehicles in the Turkish market. In Turkey as of the end of June 2017; 73.3 percent of the number of 11 million 666 thousand 779 automobiles that registered in the traffic comprised diesel and LPG powered ones regarding featuring fuel saving compared to petrol-powered vehicles. According to the data compiled from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), the number of registered automobiles has surged from 6 million 796 thousand to 11 million 666 thousand 779 units increasing 72 percent during 10 years in terms of June 2008 and June 2017 in Turkey. In this period, the number of LPGpowered vehicles jumped from 2 million 214 thousand 661 units to 4 million 530 thousand 169 units with over two fold rise; as for the number of diesel-powered automobiles surged 4,2 fold from 947 thousand to 4 million 27 thousand 381 units. In this period, the number of petrol-powered automobiles decreased 13 percent from 3 million 531 thousand 763 units to 3 million 66 thousand 558 units. Thus, while the total number of registered automobile rate has been determined as 73.3 percent, the petrol-powered automobiles recorded 26.3 percent as of the end of June 2017 in Turkey. As for the vehicles of which fuel type is not known accounted for 0.4 percent.

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