Derman manufactures products and trains people

Devran Engine Bearings and Bushings Industry produces the products that many brands need, and also trains useful people for the country by investing in the education sector.

Devran Motor Bearings and Bushings Industry, which has been manufacturing quality products for the automotive sector for more than 50 years, produces spare parts for vehicles in many different segments, especially automobile, light commercial, truck, bus, heavy commercial, tractor, agricultural machinery. Pointing out that they supply spare parts to more than 100 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and Africa, Murat Tetikli, the company representative, supplied information about the development process of the sector and their own brands.

Could you briefly introduce your company? How do you provide services to the automotive aftermarket industry?

Devran Engine Bearings and Bushings Industry was founded in 1967 by our grandfather Mustafa Tetikli. Our company, which was established to serve in the field of automotive spare parts, still continues its customer satisfactionoriented production activities on a total area of 26,000 square meters, of which 20,000 square meters part is open and 6,000 square meters part is closed. Our company, which continues its production in accordance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality certificates with its experience and quality, has taken its place among the priority preferences of domestic and foreign main industry, assembly and subindustry companies.

Devran and Wildcat branded products mainly addresses to companies that manufacture products such as automobiles, light commercials, trucks, buses, heavy commercials, tractors, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, ships, railway transport vehicles, generators, compressors, water and oil pumps, and supply spare parts. Our company offers fast solutions with its dynamic R&D structure in order to respond to developing technology, new vehicle types and changing customer demands.

Which countries and regions do you export to?

Along with exporting to Europe, Asia and Africa continents, we supply spare parts to more than 100 countries together with the spare parts wholesalers we cooperate with. Thanks to the expansion of the world’s transportation network and internet networks, we connect with every point in the world.

Will you have new investments?

The investments we have made on the basis of technology, capacity expansion, and knowledge-based information for the engineers we work with continue rapidly in an integrated manner. If you want to grow, the basic rule is to invest in your business. Investing in people in the first place always makes us stronger.

We would also like to know about your activities outside the sector. What are those if you have any?

Apart from his commercial activities, Mustafa Tetikli has also made serious investments in the education sector due to the value he gives to raising people. Devran College was opened in 1998, and every day it educates young talents for our country, open to development and innovation. Apart from this, we also have some investments in the construction sector. Our main idea is to be quality-oriented in every attempt we make.

Can you evaluate the automotive industry? What is the position of the sector in the world? Where is Turkey in this regard?

The development of countries around the world is evaluated by looking at their industries. The automotive sector also forms the backbone of the industry. We are a company that sees German technology as a guide. At the same time, we are a company that does not hesitate to share our own knowledge and experience. Our country is currently in competition with Italy in the supply of spare parts. It is possible to foresee that it will leave many European countries behind in the next 50 years. When we look at it in a regional and global sense, our country’s location at the center of the world, the ease of transportation network, the political distance between the east and the west in the recent period, made us a bridge. Our aim is to reach an even higher levels with a management style that always and fully support domestic production by turning this into an advantage.

Is there anything that you would like to add and underline?

We continue on our way under the leadership of Cevdet Tetikli. As the 3rd generation, we continue to work with enthusiasm. As all employees, we are happy to contribute to both the defense industry and the spare parts sector in order to move domestic production forward in accordance with the slogan of Cevdet Tetikli, “We are local, we are national and we are of high quality”. I would like to say that while we fully support our country’s recent initiatives in the automotive sector (TOGG), we are ready to provide all kinds of support if necessary. Our main goal is to be a productive person as a family. Quality is never accidental. It is always the result of smart efforts. The person who loves his country the most is the person who does his job best.