Demand In Secondhand Vehicles Surges

The Turkish citizens, who do not want to enter Eid Al Adha without car, have accelerated the secondhand vehicle market

Regarding Eid al Adha or the sacrifice feast for four days beginning 1st September this year, the sales of secondhand vehicles have accelerated because of the new imported cars being expensive. As the vehicles between TL30-50 thousand have been in demand, the vehicles with automatic transmission gears are preferred much more than the manual ones in the secondhand market. Murat Urcar, the head of Oto Center including 160 auto gallery owners in Eskisehir, said that interest rises in the secondhand vehicles regrading price gap increases with every passing day. Urcar added, “There is 50 percent reduction between now and one month before in the secondhand vehicle market. My tradesmen colleagues cannot find secondhand vehicles. This is sign of the sales of secondhand vehicles have risen.” Petrol-powered vehicles have more demand than dieselpowered ones Pointing out that demand in the vehicles with automatic transmission gear had increased with every passing day, Urcar recorded; “Now the sector has directed towards the automatic transmission vehicles. People have gotten practice to the comfort of automatic transmission vehicles. Even in the secondhand vehicles, the sales of the automatic transmission vehicles have overtaken the manual geared vehicles. As for engine option, the gasoline-powered vehicles are preferred. In this, one of the important factors is the price difference being much more between diesel-powered and gasoline-powered vehicles. Although the powertrain parts and comfort of the vehicle featuring the same, but especially price difference between diesel and gasoline powered vehicles being much more, the price gap has enlarged not to be met in terms of mileage and fuel consumption. For this reason, the gasoline-powered vehicle always makes up advantage every time for a family.”

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