Bus Fleets Grow With TEMSA

Tourism and intercity bus travel companies use their preferences in line with Temsa Maraton buses to replace their bus fleets

TEMSA continues to boost the fleets of travel firms with its buses. Turkey’s one of leading automotive manufacturers, TEMSA continues to investments to clinch its market leadership in Turkey, it also maintains to enlarge bus numbers in the home. In recent period TEMSA delivered buses in line with the tourism companies started a process to boost their bus fleets with TEMSA brand regarding being a preference reason of the bus business firms.

One of the foremost bus travel companies of Turkey, Astor Tourism based in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa expands its bus fleet with TEMSA Maraton buses. With a ceremony, Sonat Demirci, Regional Sales Director, delivered 4 units 2+1 Maraton buses to Adnan As, head of Astor Tourism. Adnan As said; “Together with these deliveries the number of Maraton buses in our fleet raised by 8 units. There are a more 23 buses in our fleet except Maraton.”

Sonat Demirci said; “Our cooperation with Astor Tourism started in 2016. We delivered our Maraton buses with 2+1 seat configuration in 2016. Later our cooperation continued with delivery of 4 Maraton buses in 2017. We feel a great happiness regarding the firm preferred TEMSA brand. We wish the new Maraton buses to be beneficial and auspicious to Astor Tourism.”

With regard to the reason of preferring Temsa, Adnan As said; “One of the most factors in our preference Temsa because of being a domestic made brand. Since 2016 when we started our cooperation we felt a great appreciation. Our passengers are also pleased with the comfort of these buses. This satisfaction urged us to choose Maraton buses for our travel fleet. We have planned to replace the other buses with Maraton. Our aim is to surge our fleet number by 20 Maraton buses.”

Meanwhile, Kastamonu Guven Tourism which has been dealing with intercity passenger transportation for 33 years has added 1 Maraton and 1 Safir buses to its fleet. The firm owner Abdullah Catal said regarding Temsa is a domestic made bus with a large baggage with purchasing possibilities, being suitable urged us to prefer this bus brand.

Operating in the structure of Pamukkale Tourism, Simtur Tourism also continues to invest in Maraton buses. The firm owner Yilmaz Simsek delivered its bus from Safak Kiyar, Manager of Ant Oto Istanbul Sales. Yilmaz Simsek stated that 3 Maraton buses would serve in Pamukkale Tourism, adding they were negotiation to sell a more 5 Maraton buses.

“Regarding our delight for these buses, our choice will continue to Maraton buses,” the firm owner Simsek concluded.

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