Bozankaya Invests Worth TL70 Million In R & D

Bozankaya achieves environmental-friendly, economic, high performance, comfortable electric vehicles and guides transport system of the future investing in R & D studies

Producing electric solution for mass-transportation, Bozankaya allocated budget for R & D studies has reached TL70 million in last 5 years. At the end of R & D studies of the firm, 10 out of 19 projects have been currently in operation. Letting its name known in Turkey and the world through the new generation mass-transportation vehicle projects, Bozankaya achieves eco-friendly, economic, high performance, comfortable electric vehicles and guides transport system of the future. Allocating 11 percent of its turnover in 2016, the firm has begun to serve with 100 percent electric buses, 100 percent low floor tramway and Trambus, the modern trolleybus systems, in the cities which transformed to masstransportation. Having intensified on 19 various R & D projects (10 out of them completed, 4 continue, 5 are evaluated), Bozankaya has allocated a budget worth TL70 million for these projects in the last
5 years. In his statement, Aytunc Gunay, Chairman of the Board of Bozankaya, said Bozankaya firm has allocated noteworthy source for R & D which 0.9 percent allocated in Turkey, 2 percent in OECD on average. “These investments do not remain without return. Along with successful projects we accomplished abroad they return as plus value to Turkey,” he added. Gunay concluded, “Since the first days of 2016 onwards, we have done significant groundbreaking by working with 16 different academics from 10 universities including Hacettepe University, TOBB ETU, Cankaya University. Being offered our new products to the market thanks to our R & D studies, we have accomplished both import substitute is realized and foreign currency in remarkable amount is provided to remain in the country. In addition, also our country gains noteworthy foreign currency through exports of these products.”

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