Autopromotec 2022: the automotive aftermarket takes off again from Bologna

Very little time remains before the cutting of the ribbon of the 29th edition of Autopromotec, the event dedicated to automotive equipment and aftermarket products that offers a unique perspective on all the segments of the sector and on the trends that will characterise its future Technology and innovation, news and developments, exchanging ideas and keeping up to date. These concepts summarise the basic features of Autopromotec 2022, the event dedicated to automotive equipment and aftermarket products that will be inaugurated in Bologna in a few days. After a pause because of the pandemic, the automotive aftermarket sector meets again in-person to provide a large international showcase of specific products and services for each individual segment of the market and an important opportunity to explore and discuss developments that characterise the sector: the automotive aftermarket takes off again from Bologna from 25 to 28 May 2022.

Over 1,300 companies in an exhibition area of 141,000m2, have chosen Autopromotec to showcase their products and services. The large international component of the event, characterised by a strong European presence can be seen from the number of foreign exhibitors, about 25% and a total of 42 countries represented. Another element that confirms the strong international importance of the event is the record number of foreign delegates; 180 from over 35 countries, as well as the expected number of B2B meetings scheduled with Italian exhibitors, more than 800 in the final estimate. This is even higher than in the last, pre-pandemic, edition, demonstrating the strong interest companies have in returning to face-to-face meetings.

Autopromotec 2022, whose internationality is even more important when considered in relation to the current global context, offers a privileged viewpoint on every segment of the automotive aftermarket and, in particular, on the future of the sector. The layout of Autopromotec, which is divided into 15 halls at the Bologna exhibition centre, again demonstrates the comprehensiveness of the product range at the event, bringing together all the sub-sectors of the aftermarket industry: the companies are grouped by product category to allow visitors to make personalised itineraries according to their specific interests. The entire spare parts, components and car service sector, which has seen a sudden increase in activity, is on display in Halls 14, 16, 18 and 21, with an additional hall, No. 14 being added compared to the last edition. Equipment for tyre servicing and repair, workshops and lifting can be found in Halls 19 and 29. Hall 28 and part of Hall 29 are dedicated to lubricants, Hall 30 is dedicated to diagnostic equipment, while Hall 26 and part of hall 29 are dedicated to bodywork equipment and products. Companies in the new and retreaded tyres and wheel rims sector can be found in Hall 20; tools, compressors and multi-purpose equipment can be found in Hall 36 while equipment and products for service stations, car washes and car care can be found in Hall 25. The exhibition is completed with 6 outdoor demonstration areas, where, among other things, equipment for roadside assistance can be found.

Autopromotec 2022 not only offers a journey into the heart of the automotive aftermarket, with its latest innovations, but also a detailed look into the future, by analysing and comparing the trends that characterise the sector. For each operator, visiting Autopromotec is an opportunity for keeping up to date from a technological and professional point of view, through an exclusive overview of the latest products, technologies and services that are presented directly by the market leaders and through the detailed analysis and exchange of ideas offered by the numerous workshops and conferences that have been scheduled.

It is on these foundations that FUTURMOTIVE Experience – Talks – Startups was created, the initiative with which Autopromotec, in collaboration with ICE Agenzia, guides the visitors through the event and, more generally, through the disruptive trends that characterise the mobility supply chain: from the sector’s transition towards ecological sustainability, to the digitization of all aspects of the system, to the new economic models that are emerging. The initiative has 3 different formats, which accompany the visitor during their visit to the event. In the four-sided portico at the entrance to the fair at the BolognaFiere exhibition centre, the visitor is catapulted immediately into the depths of technological evolution, thanks to FUTURMOTIVE Experience. Through an immersive experience of images, lights, sound and words, this spectacular installation focuses on the most important trends for the business of the future. From depiction to tangible insight: FUTURMOTIVE Experience converges into FUTURMOTIVE Talks, the extensive programme of international conferences and workshops, which has always been a characteristic feature of Autopromotec.

The 2022 edition will also cover the most relevant issues regarding the sector, bringing together some of the greatest leaders in technological innovation, with specific opportunities that offer in-depth analysis and the exchange of ideas. Among these, the 6 international and European focus workshops of the IAM – International Aftermarket Meetings cycle stand out. The Autopromotec initiative dedicated to innovation in the sector is completed with FUTURMOTIVE Startups, in collaboration with Motor Valley Fest of Modena, thanks to which several start-ups present their innovative proposals that fit into the flow of the automotive aftermarket sector. The dedicated area is located in Hall 22 where there is also a connected terminal giving exhibitors the opportunity to establish a direct relationship with start-ups based in Modena, in addition to those already present in the dedicated area at the fair.

However, Autopromotec 2022 has a lot more in store. Electric City is the 600m2 low environmental impact exhibition area dedicated to electric mobility. Walking through the connected city, reproduced in hall 29, attendees will see vehicles that range in size from compact cars, such as the Dacia Spring, to high-performance electric cars, such as the Audi RS e-tron GT with a system voltage of 800 V and 646 horsepower. The same voltage is used on the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (the recent winner of the World Car of the Year 2022 award), which is exhibited close to other market innovations, such as the BMW i4. For lovers of high-tech maxi SUVs, there is the BMW iX, while for those looking for something a little more compact and with coupé lines, the Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron will be on display. Among the preview cars present, there will also be the new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. Furthermore, the alternative green power supplies will be represented by the hydrogen powered Hyundai Nexo. There will also be futuristic hypercars that anticipate the mobility of the future, thanks to the presence of the Lamborghini Third Millennium.

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To visit Autopromotec, which from this year will take place over four days, Wednesday 25 May to Saturday 28 May, simply apply for a free admission ticket, only available online via the link: Autopromotec offers a series of tools to make it easier for you to visit the Fair: the first is the Autopromotec APP. The app can be used to consult the catalogue of exhibitors, the layout of the halls and the events scheduled during the four days of the event, as well as giving access to a variety of interesting content and logistics information. To reserve your seat at the FUTURMOTIVE Talks, Autopromotec has also created a platform dedicated to the events, via which visitors can find out more and register for individual events.