“Automotive Market To Revitalize After Election”

automotive-marketWith regard to political stability following the election for 550 members of the Turkey’s Grand National Assembly held on 1st November, revitalization in the economy would reflect primarily to the automotive sector.

Following Turkish National Assembly elections the economy and automotive market would revitalize in 2016, Aydin Erkoc, Chairman of Motorized Vehicles Seller Federation (MASFED) and Automotive Business Association in the capital city (BOD), said. Stating one of the most important factors was the economic stabilization for this primarily political stabilization has crucial importance, Erkoc said; “If political stability exists, also economic stability would happen in pursuit of it.” Highlighting Turkish economy had two strong legs as the construction and automotive sectors, Erkoc said the perception of political stability had been weakened and its effect had been felt in the entire economy because of the elections carried out in 2015. automotive-market1

“We consider the 2016 will be an invigoration year along with the provided political stability. This condition will also reflect to automotive trade and Otonomi which will be heart of automotive business center in Ankara. Our expectation directs towards invigoration in the automotive sector,” he said. Inauguration of Otonomi will be milestone in the sector Erkoc also emphasized that inauguration of Otonomi marks a milestone in the sector. Stating as Otonomi – which would be the biggest automotive center of Europe and would bring together all auto galleries in Ankara – enters into force was a success story itself, Erkoc said; “In our opinion, Otonomi will become a dynamic, vigorous life center in the sector. We believe it would gain a very good performance.” He also added they would bring a standard to the motorized vehicle trade, as well as institutional identity and dignity. Otonomi will also provide jobs for some 5000 people, as well as ending unregistered processes. Counting down for inauguration located on an area of 375 thousand sq meters along with Esenboga Airport highway, Otonomi has 551 showrooms for second hand vehicles and 10 auto plazas for new vehicles.

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