Automotive Market Foreseen Between 900,000-950,000 Units

automotive5The automobile market increased 49 to 516,386 units in the first seven months this year, for the whole year market the market is expected to reach by the number between 900,000 – 950,000 units in 2015

Entering the market hastily at the beginning of the year, the automotive sector slightly cut its speed in the domestic market. The Turkish automotive market achieved the sales of 516,386 units increasing 49 percent in the first seven months, according to the data released by Turkish Automotive Distributors’ Association (ODD)

In this period this year, the automobile market increased 44, the light commercial vehicle 67 percent. In July, the market expanded 40 percent to 83,836 units. The sales of automobiles increased 8 percent to 64,218 units. The light commercial vehicle market increased 48 percent to 19,618 units. In the statement posted by the ODD, said; “The expected developments in the sector for the rest part of the year are listed as the interest rise expectation of the Central Bank of the US (FED), quantitative easing of the European Central Bank so as to support the economic revive, geopolitical developments, decisive fighting with inflation of Central Bank of Turkish Republic, development in the current account deficit and process of post-electoral. In the statement also place given to the total market for 2015, according to this the total automotive market is expected to reach by a number between 900,000 – 950,000 units.

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