Automotive Keeps Top Level In Exports In January

automotive-keepsDespite experienced downward trend, the Turkish automotive exports kept its top place in the
overall exports in the first month of 2016, according to the report posted by Turkish Automotive
Manufacturers Association (OSD)

The total automotive production reduced 5 percent amounting to 98 thousand units; automobile production decreased 4 percent to 58 thousand units in January 2016. In terms of the market, first month of the year the total automotive market decreased 8 percent to 34 thousand units; automobile market shrank 5 percent to 23 thousand units. In the first month of the year, total automotive export decreased 13 percent in unite-base, automobile exports dropped 20 percent; as the total exports became 69 thousand units, the automobile exports remained in 39 thousand units. Tractor exports became 1,340 units remaining in the same level with previous year. The value-base automotive export decreased 12 percent to $1,518 billion in January. The automotive exports kept its top place in the overall exports in January 2016, according to the report posted by Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD). By the data year on year, the total production increased 13 percent, the total market 25 percent and the total exports 8 percent respectively. The total production together with tractor production accomplished 102 thousand units. In January 2016, cargo and passenger commercial vehicle production decreased in the first 5 items, but pick-up increased as follows:

– Light Truck 98%
– Midibus 85%
– Truck 84%
– Minibus 65%
– Bus 7%
– Pick-up 8%

Tractor production raised 12 percent totaling 4 thousand 27 units. When tractor production compared with previous January months between the years 2006-2016 reached the highest figure in the first month this year. The total automobile sales decreased 5 percent, imported ones 7 percent respectively; domestic made automobiles remained in the same level in January 2016. In the same month as the total light commercial vehicle sales decreased 8 percent, domestic made light commercial vehicles 17 percent; on the contrary imported light commercial vehicle sales increased 5 percent. The heavy commercial vehicle market plunged 48 percent to 1027 units; truck market constricted 58 percent to 718 units. Midibus market increased 29 percent to 229 units, bus market 1 percent to 80 units respectively. By the last ten years on average, the total market increased 6.3 percent, automobile market 13 percent; light commercial vehicle market decreased 6.3 percent, heavy commercial vehicle market 42 percent.

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