Automotive Industry Achieves Exports Worth $28,5 Billion

Turkish automotive industry achieved exports worth $28,5 billion in the year 2017, according to the data from Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB)

The Turkish automotive industry closed the year 2017 with the exports worth $28,5 billion, according to the data from Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB). In Dec. 2017, the sector exports were $2,491 billion with 6 percent rise over the same month last year.

In December 2017, while exports of passenger cars dropped, the supplier industry, special purpose vehicles, bus-minibus-midibus exports enjoyed double digit increase in the sector exports.

Maintaining leadership in the Turkish exports for 12th consecutive year, the automotive industry accomplished the year 2017 with $28,5 billion of the exports. The exports share of the industry in overall Turkish exports accounted for 18.4 percent in 2017. Thus, except August, the sector closed every month with over $2 billion of exports last year. The sector made exports worth $2,4 billion in every month on average in 2017.

The exports increase to the EU countries also continued in December, as for increase to the USA drew attention with 70 percent.

Automotive supplier industry up 16 percent

Based on goods groups, automotive supplier industry boosted its exports 16 percent to $843 million; the passenger car exports decreased 9 percent to $989 million in December 2017. The special purpose vehicle exports increased 20 percent to $453 million in December. Bus-minibus-midibus exports surged 22 percent to $158 million.

The most exports of the supplier industry shipped to Germany with 14 percent, to Romania with 60 percent and to Russia with 57 percent rise respectively.

While decrease experienced in the passenger car exports to Italy, France, Germany, the UK 30%, 19%, 26% and 43% respectively; exports in this category upped 59% to Poland, 49,896% to the USA and 51% to Slovenia.

In special purpose vehicle, exports increased 95% to the UK, 13% to Italy, 49% to Belgium, 43% to Spain. In this category the exports plunged 26% to the USA, 13% to Slovenia.

In bus-minibus-midibus group, the exports 46% to Germany, 70% to Italy, 662% to Morocco, 302% to Poland; decrease 62% to the UK last December.

Germany sustains featuring the biggest export market

Based on country featuring the biggest market of the sector the exports upped 1% worth $338 million to Germany in December over the same month last year. The sector exports set back 11% to $277 million to Italy and 6% to $250 million to France. The sector exports increase in the rate of 70% to the USA drew attention. The sector exports increased 60% to Poland, 22% to Slovenia, 59% Romania; decreased 21% to Switzerland.

The sector exports up 3% to the EU

The EU countries became the biggest market of the Turkish automotive industry in December as well. Accounting for 75% of the share the exports to the EU countries increased 3% to $1 billion 859 million last December. As the exports draw attention to North America Free Trade Zone with 52%, as for Commonwealth of Independent States the sector exports surged 34%, to other American countries the exports surged 49% in December 2017.

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