Automotive Exports Surge 3.7 Percent In September

ihracatTurkish industry achieved nearly $2 billion worth of exports in September; in the first nine months this year the total sector exports reached $17 billion 81million.

The automotive industry sustained its exports in September despite 9-day ‘Eid Al-Adha vacation. The exports of the sector became $1 billion 942 million increasing 3.7 percent in September over the same month preceding year, according to the statement from Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB). In the sector exports increases enjoyed up to 100 percent in some products in September. The exports to the Russian Federation surged 64 percent and 43 percent to Iran in September. The share of the automotive industry exports- which nearly reached some $2 billion in September – accounted for 18.6 percent in the overall exports of Turkey.

The sector exports in the first 9 months this year raised 11.2 percent to $17 billion 81 million. So, an important part has been gained to achieve year-end export target which set for $23 billion. Maintaining its leadership regarding the highest valuebase exporting sector in September, the automotive sector achieved 100% increase in the exports to the USA, 64% to Russia, 43 % to Iran.

Special purpose vehicle exports up 100% to the USA The automotive supplier industry exports increased 3 percent to $733 million; the passenger car exports increased 12 percent to $711 million in September. As for the special purpose vehicle exports decreased 16 percent to $344 million, bus-minibus-midibus exports increased 1 percent to $101 million in September. In the exports of supplier industry to Germany increased 6 percent, 10 percent to Romania, 41 percent to Iran, 25 percent to Poland respectively in September. In the passenger car exports increased 115 percent to Italy, 56 percent to France, 55 percent to Poland, 227 percent to the Netherlands. In the special purpose vehicles, while exports decreased 8 percent to Italy, 100 percent increase recorded in this category to the USA. In the exports of this product group, decrease experienced 56 percent to the UK, 32 percent to France and 33 percent to Belgium. In bus-minibus-midibus exports decreased 18 percent to France, 5 percent to Germany, and increased 106 percent to Italy.Country-base exports reached mostly 50 percent Country-base rising of the automotive exports continued in September as well. The sector exports to Germany increased 7 percent to $312 million, 49 percent to $262 million to Italy which is the second big market of the sector, and then 19 percent to $219 million to France respectively. The sector export increase also enjoyed 20% to Romania, 51% to Poland, 38% to the Netherlands, 64% to Russia, 43% to Iran; however decrease seen 30% to the UK, 22% to Belgium, 43% to the USA. The exports up 8% to the EU features the biggest market in the country group As the biggest market of the Turkish automotive industry with 80 percent, the exports upped 8 percent in the EU reaching $1 billion 562 million in September. While the exports increased 50 percent to the former Eastern Bloc countries, but decreased 25 percent to the Mideast countries and 27 percent to American countries.

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