Auto-Leasing Speeds Up

Auto-Leasing-Speeds-UpThe sales of new automobiles in the Turkish market have increased 36.6 percent; as for the operational leasing sector has added 16.3 percent of the new automobiles to their fleet in the first nine months this year.

Operational leasing sector has recorded an active growth of 20.5 percent as of the end of the third quarter in 2016 Operational leasing sector let its active growth reach by TL17 billion through new vehicle investment worth TL6 billion as of the third quarter this year. Operational leasing sector has reached an active growth worth TL17 billion increasing 20.5 percent in the third quarter this year over the same period last year. As for the end of 2014, the sector grew 12.5 percent. The Turkish Auto Leasing Association (TOKKDER) has released the “TOKKDER Operational Leasing Report” about market research including the data of the third quarter which was conducted by the independent research company TNS. According to the report, the sales of new automobiles in the Turkish market have increased 36.6 percent; meanwhile the operational leasing sector has added 16.3 percent (81,900 units) of the new automobiles to their fleet in the first nine months this year. At the end of the third quarter this year recording 20.5 percent growth, the leasing sector’s vehicle has reached by the number of 266,473 units, growth of the sector became 12.5 percent over the same period previous year. In this period, the active growth of the sector has reached by TL 16,8 billion with the new vehicle investment worth TL5 billion 627 million. As of the aforementioned search period, Renault became the most preferred trademark with 28.5 percent. The brand followed by Volkswagen with 17.7 percent, Ford with 12.6 percent and Fiat with 9.7 percent. As for the vehicle segment of the operational leasing sector, C segment corresponds to 51.3 percent, B segment 29.7 percent, D segment 13.3 percent. 94 percent of the sector consist of the diesel vehicles, manual vehicles have 58.8 percent share. Fevzi Turkay, Chairman of the Board of TOKKDER, said they would expect operational leasing fleet sector in Turkey to last its growth in 2016 as well. He recorded the increased vehicle prices and focusing on the cost management of firms were the factors that would support the growth of the sector. Mega urbanization, extreme traffic density, increased travels urge the operational leasing sector to direct towards solution partnership to meet every kind of mobility needs of customers, he noted.

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