ASELSAN And TEMSA Cooperate In Electric Bus

7ASELSAN and TEMSA have signed an agreement to promote indigenous electric bus in the scope of the projects of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

The two firms have agreed in order to adapt the electric components such as motor and motor drivers, battery and battery management systems, vehicle control and steering systems, radar, night vision systems, ultrasonic sensors, communication systems to the transport vehicles which are developed by TEMSA, according to the statement. The components based on critical technology would be developed and manufactured for the transport vehicles manufactured by TEMSA, according to the agreement signed by ASELSAN Executive Board Chairman Hasan Canpolat and Sabanci Holding Industrial Group Chairman Mehmet N. Pekarun.

Stating as they were improving high value-added products they were trying to use the domestic possibilities primarily SMEs and universities in the upper level, Canpolat recorded, “Transferring the knowledge and experience accumulation of original, high reliable, low cost, efficient and critical technological products developed by ASELSAN – which has gained from the system in the military field – aimed to be a player in the global markets and to contribute to the economy.”

Canpolat recorded they aimed to make up the industry and ecosystem of national transport systems have a high technological maturity. “Cooperation will ensure to turn dream to reality” As for Mehmet N. Pekarun, Chairman of Industry Group of Sabanci Holding, said a new period would begin in the production of bus in line with the agreement signed between ASELSAN and TEMSA

Pekarun continued; “Directed towards to achieve 100 percent domestic made bus, this cooperation is quite crucial step for both our country and industry. The automotive industry takes place in the headline of our country’s exports items. However, as for the development of the Turkish automotive industry – which imagines, desires – is to make a domestic car. The cooperation of ASELSAN and TEMSA will ensure to transform this dream to reality.” One of the most important features of the project was eco friendly feature is needed in the transport systems; he wished the agreement to be auspicious for both the two companies and the country.

Dincer Celik, General Manager of TEMSA, said application would be made to TUBITAK together with ASELSAN for “Avenue” in 12 meters length electric bus project in the scope of 1511 projects of TUBITAK, in addition to MD9 ElectricCITY electric bus project in 9 meters length having produced as prototype. Stating the works would be planned in a joint structure, he concluded, “Electric bus will run completely with electricity energy will be designed to complete its route by charging at the stops or last stop. Thanks to electric bus production instead of the imported parts such as motors, gearbox, the electric motors, inverters and converters which are designed in the home. The project is expected to be a comprehensive synergic study with uniting strong sides of the both establishments.”


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