Toyota Turkey Exports To 100 Countries

Featuring the highest capacity utilization of Toyota across Europe, Toyota Turkey plant exports its models in high quality standards to 100 countries

As the models of Toyota Turkey are manufactured at the plant in Sakarya having reached the highest production and export capacity among the plants in Europe, the models produced the highest in quality are exported to 100 countries. Toyota Turkey plant in Sakarya set records in terms of production, exports and job generation. Hiroshi Kato, CEO and Director General of Toyota Turkey announced their success and targets. Following roll off the production line of the first hybrid and SUV model of Turkey with the investment worth 400 million euro in November 2016, Kato said they had made breakthrough in terms of production, exports and employment. Stating they had raised production capacity utilization up to double size by passing to 3 shifts along with Toyota C-HR, Kato continued; “Our employment number paralleling our capacity utilization has reached over 5 thousand people. We have featured as the plant manufacturing Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).” Kato highlighted that Toyota Turkey has the highest production capacity in Toyota production facilities across Europe.

Exporting to 100 countries Kato recorded they would aim to export 248 thousand units of 280 thousand vehicles to be manufactured by the end of 2017. He continued: “As we produced 254,928 unit vehicles in the first 11 months of 2017 with 102% rise, as for our exports surged 159% to 224,906 units. In 2018, our essential focus will sustain our production rate with full capacity too. Since our establishments to date, we achieved exports worth $25 billion with $2,3 billion of the investment. We take pride in contributing the province of Sakarya due to rising 7th line among the most exporting provinces of Turkey. In Sakarya province producing models in high quality standards, we export to 100 countries. We export 74% of vehicles to Europe, 20% to North America, 6% to Mideast, North Africa and other countries.”

Reminding they ranked 6th in the top 500 of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and 7th in the top 500 of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) with 155 thousand production and 116 thousand exports in 2016, Kato said they would continue to provide value-added to the country economy with 280 thousand production and 248 thousand exports by the end of the year.

Having established as Toyotasa in July 1990 in Arifiye town, the groundbreaking ceremony made in May 1992. In September 1994 launching 7th generation of Corolla Sedan, in 2000, 100th car production was accomplished. In the same year with the restructuring and establishing of Toyota Turkey in October along with acceleration of production, the exports began in 2002. In 2003, staring 2-shift working, in February 2004 with the capacity utilization that was raised by 150 thousand, growing fast the plant reached 500th vehicle production in December 2005. In March 2009, producing 1 millionth vehicle the plant has passed to 3-shift working system in Sept. 2016. In Oct. 2016, the plant launched the first crossover hybrid vehicle Toyota C-HR in Turkey. In Sept. 2017, rolling off the production line of its 2 millionth vehicle, and featuring the highest capacity utilization of Toyota across Europe, at Toyota Turkey plant, Corolla, Verso and Toyota C-HR models continue to meet its buyers across the world.

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