Techno Aktas Deserved Best Award In Balkans

28Aktas Holding in Bulgaria ranked first in “Occupational safety and health”, the award offered at the ceremony held in Bulgaria with participation of Balkan countries

Taking place among the biggest firms of the world in air suspension system production, Techno Aktas which features production base of Aktas Holding in Bulgaria ranked first in “Occupational safety and health”, the award offered at a ceremony held in Bulgaria with participation of Balkan countries. Ranking first in Turkey and also taking place in the first three firms in the world in the production of air suspension spring, Aktas Holding continues to allow the sector win value by deserving awards at the organizations which are held in various platforms. Techno Aktas, which is a subsidiary company of Aktas Holding, producing in Bulgaria towards the European countries, deserved to get first prize in “Workplace Health and Safety 2014” in the category of medium-sized establishments having employment between 50-250 people

Having held in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, the total of 40 firms participated in the organization from the Balkan countries, Techno Aktas, showing success in all criterions was deserved first prize, according to the statement from the firm. Sami Erol, Chairman of the Board of Aktas Holding took the award on behalf of the holding at the ceremony where firms participated from lots of countries such as Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia.

Stating the understanding of workplace safety not only had validation for their production center in Bulgaria, but also at all locations across the world, Sami Erol stated, “We maintain our works with the understanding of respect to human and prioritize safety since 1938 when the foundations were laid of Aktas Holding to date. Now, the award which has been deserved us as a result of importance that we give to our human resources. I think this work which has been fulfilled in the Balkan countries is very valuable.”

“We advance towards our target set for 2023”

As a part of Aktas Holding Techno Aktas was a remarkable investment directed to the EU market, Erol said, “This success of our Bulgaria plant that we have achieved in the scope of our future targets, it is also a reasonable sign of the investment we made in human resources. As Aktas Holding, we aim to be a world leader in 2023. The contribution of our colleagues in Bulgaria for this objective is important. Our colleagues in all locations act in the same way. I believe, we will be the biggest of the world at the end of efforts given to quality and human being.”