TAYSAD Discloses R & D Projects

taysadAssociation of Automotive Parts & Components Association (TAYSAD) has offered its projects – which have been developed by the members in line with the concept “Weight Reduction Technologies” – to the admiration of TOFAS’s R & D administrators and engineers. TOFAS and TAYSAD will work together to reduce weight of vehicles. The TAYSAD held first one of R & D meetings at TOFAS. The theme of the organization, which aims to produce joint projects by sharing its current R & D projects with OEMs, is to “Weight Reduction Technologies”. Delivering opening speech at the event, Enrico Gobetto, Director for Product Engineering of TOFAS, said Tofas Turkey is one of two biggest R & D centers in Europe and EMEA region. Stating Fiat-Chrysler organization had a lot of R & D centers across the world, Gobetto said, “We established in Turkey in 1994. In 2008, we got R & D Center certificate. We made great investments in human resources together with the office and laboratories. In 2005, we are 140 people, now we exceeded 600 persons.”

TL700 million budget
Pointing out about expenditures of R & D, Gobetto said they spent TL700 million for R & D and they ranked 573th in the world in term of R & D centers. “We launched our R & D studies with product development and we have been assuming more responsibility with every passing day. One of the big projects of ours was Doblo US version. As all of you know, over 70% of Fiat Aegea Sedan was designed by Turkish R & D engineers and it was source of glad for us. As Tofas not only product development, we are also investing in R & D center in the-state-of-the-art technology and research. Our engagement in galaxy of Fiat Chrysler R & D Centers will be completed in this way.”

Over 400 thousand vehicles to be manufactured
Stating TOFAS R & D department had assumed a crucial role in Fiat Chrysler world, Gobetto said they had strong values and not only producing commercial vehicles, but also they have existed in passenger vehicle segment. They planned over 400 thousand vehicles for this year. He also added they possessed a good industrial experience, also in CNG and LPG areas; they could act in a flexibility to reach their targets in a short time. About what TAYSAD contribute to Tofas’s works, Gobetto continued, “Turkey and TAYSAD are crucial for us. The market has a growing potential nearly 1 million vehicles are in question. Also the surrounding markets of Turkey are growing. Not only investing in reduction of vehicle weight, but also we invest in reduction of fuel consumption, electrification.” In his speech, Suheyl Baybali, General Coordinator of TAYSAD, said, “As TAYSAD, we consider timing is very correct to work together with our members and automotive industry firms on the issues. Our aim is to increase and sustain joint R & D studies. Our members can work, develop and design together in the stages of technology, product and design. Being a part of these plans is very important for us. Our aim to make these plans actually is in this respect.” About emission rate that would be lowered 38 percent between the years 2020-2021, TOFAS Vehicle Weight Reduction Manager Murat Akdag, said, “Lowering weight of vehicles or making vehicles consume lesser fuel in accordance with the USA norms, is a topic of all vehicle manufacturers. In order to develop solution to this issue, it requires working on engine and making vehicle lighten or reducing overall energy need of vehicles. When we take a look at, while a target has been reached 16 percent lesser, we believe that we would lower the emission in rate of 36 to 38 percent in the upcoming 3-4 years. In the overall world table where Tofas exists, our aim is to be able to drop emission rate under 96 gr/km/Co2.

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