Operational Leasing Has 10% Of Market

operational-leasingHaving only 10 percent of 10 million automobiles on the roads, operational leasing companies have launched a work to increase their share in Turkey.

Across Turkey, 2,5 million out of 10 million automobiles on the roads are used by companies and enterprises. In our country, some 150 operational leasing companies have reached 10 percent of the market accounting for 2,5 million units. Foreseeing strong signals in terms of growth because of having still 10 percentage of the leasing sector, the sector want this development make backwind. Stating the sector had not gotten the wanted share from the market, Bahadir Yalcin, Managing Director of Multicar said; “We have launched a work of communication and marketing so as to Small and Medium Sized Establishments (SMSE) to leave their vehicle operations to us by  ffering encouraging models to use their own sources in the best way in order to increase our customer diversity. With this method, target is to be affected less from the economic fluctuations; we believe that we would serve valuably to the SMSEs.”

Bahadir Yalcin, Managing Director of Multicar, said that they were established in 2007 in the structure of Multinet, noting that they would serve to the number of 764 institutional customers including banks, financial establishments, health, retailers, energy, telecommunication sectors and holdings. Pointing out they had service locations in 21  provinces throughout Turkey with nearly 5 thousand vehicles, Bahadir Yalcin said: “The biggest feature of Multicar that makes it distinguish from others is its speed. Regarding vehicle rental featuring an intensive operation sector, we serve without disrupting our customers’ workflows and without being felt. Another difference, we lease the vehicles to our customers in their residing provincial plaque number in 6 metropolitan cities. We are a single firm offering this service. As for another important difference that separate Multicar from others is our product and service packet offering under the name ‘3 is together’. We ensure attractive advantages and discounts in the aspect of fuel. We have provided opportunity for companies to raise their efficiency and being able to check their vehicles easily with ‘vehicle tracking system’ which is the last element of the 3-together packet.”

Bahadir Yalcin informed they had recorded 51 percent growth in terms of active growth, fleet bigness and turnover in 2014 over the previous year. “Still penetration rate of the leasing sector being 10 percent gives quite powerful signals and hopes in the direction of growing,” he said.

Stating they would close the year 2015 as positive on behalf of Multicar and the sector in the aspect of growth, Yalcin said, “The companies which would like to use their investments more efficiently and productive because of transferring their investments to the main operation items, the outsourcing models will emerge to the fore front and leasing sector will also benefit from this trend positively. For this reason, as Multicar in order to increase our customer diversity we have begun communication and marketing works to let the SMSEs leave their operations related to vehicles by offering encouraging models to use their sources better. With this method aiming to get less effecting from the economic fluctuations we believe we would offer a valuable service to the SMSEs. Moving from this point, since this year adding the SMSEs that have strong capital structure to our marketing strategy we have begun to develop our fleet structure in this direction.”