Odd Wish To Introduce Incentive For Cars


We wish to replace the old automobiles with new ones by incentive which was implemented for the commercial vehicles, Hayri Erce, General Coordinator of Automotive Distributors Association.

The number of over 200 thousand old commercial vehicles withdrew from the traffic. A similar incentive is going to enter into force for taxis, I hope now the automobiles are on the list, Hayri Erce, General Coordinator of Automotive Distributors Association (ODD), said. Erce recorded the number of vehicles had shown a fast development in recent years, while there were 1,5 million registered vehicles at the beginning of the 1990s, currently the number of vehicles raised by 15 million excluding tractor and motorbikes as of 2015. Reminding the number of current registered vehicles were gradually going to be old, Erce said the number of over 3,5 million vehicles were over 20-year old, of these 2,7 million comprised of automobiles. Highlighting the old vehicles would cause trouble in the traffic circulation, Erce continued, “The old vehicles would threat safety of life and things. Their CO2 and harmful tailpipe emission rates are higher than the new technological ones. In addition to the high fuel consumption, they also bring negative financial burden regarding their high maintenance and repairing expenditures. The policies, which would serve to regenerate and renew the old vehicles, are required in our country without losing time.” Pointing out the western countries were 1implementing regeneration program as their vehicles getting old, Erce said low model taxis and commercial vehicles would be renewed within 3 years via the incentive program in Turkey. Reminding the incentive for renewal of the commercial vehicles was very successful, Erce said, “Over 200 thousand old vehicles were withdrawn from the traffic. The incentive is also being introduced for taxis. In my opinion, the old automobiles are now on the list. The year 2017 is a quite suitable year for this. We wish to replace the old automobiles with new ones. If we let this enter into force, we would provide the old vehicles to be younger. The entire world is in quite low rate growth process. In this process, we will allow domestic consumption dynamics enter into force. This will contribute our growth rate to upward trend quickly.”

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