Michelin Reminds Use Of Winter Tires

Winter tire separates from the summertime tires regarding its design and capillary structure ensuring advantage on snowy, wet and muddy road surfaces

Michelin suggests use of winter tires when temperature drops under 7 degree Celsius. Winter tire separates from the summertime tires regarding its design and capillary structure ensuring advantage on snowy, wet and muddy road surfaces with its road holding ability, traction power and braking distance.

In this meaning, as a brand determining road and passenger safety as the most basic responsibility, it reminds that winter tires carry importance in terms of both material and spiritual meaning in every occasion. The firm focuses on the works to raise awareness of consumers about winter tires.

“We remind that the consumers should make a research when they purchase winter tires in line with their needs and not to compensate on quality regarding the tires are a safety product.”

About new winter tire regulation

The Ministry of Transport has announced that winter tires are the obligation for commercial vehicles, but special passenger automobiles are not included. In the scope of the regulations were issued, there is a compulsory for only commercial vehicles. As for special vehicles there is no mandatory for them. In addition to this, the winter tire application will also start for wagons. The application date will be valid between 1st April and 1st December months.

Michelin winter tires

Summertime tires, CrossClimate, in revolutionary qualification with winter certification that we suggest for drivers who expose to rare frequency winter conditions, unites supper features of both summer and winter tires. Having 3PMSF symbol which offers braking possibility on dry ground in a short distance, braking on wet ground with ‘A’ grade as well as using in winter season, CrossClimate ensures great advantages for drivers with improved winter performance and comfort and also durability with its new generation CrossClimate+.

Not making concession to its performance until lawful limit of 1,6 mm thread depth since the first kilometer, Michelin CrossClimate+ as offering excellent performance to drivers with its wide size range on dry ground with its premium summer tire features; as for snowy ground, continues to show high performance as much as a winter tire, it also allow to experience an excellent experience. CrossClimate+ draws attention with its long-life 25% more than the upper class 4-Season tire market on average.


The technologies of Alpin 5 secures maximum safety even slippery roads due to providing maximum holding on dry, wet and snowy roads in the winter season. As the two new technological products with its new design and compound, thanks to this feature Alpin 5 offers an outstanding feature to drivers.

Michelin Alpin 5 separates from its rivals regarding its excellency complying with the winter conditions by setting up relations with the French Science and Technology Institute (IFSTTAR).

Thousands of capillary channels, which have been placed into design of tires, perform a sole task to raise traction power of the tires. When made a comparison with their rivals possessing 12% more designs and 16% more capillary channels, Alpin 5 draws attention with 17% more gripping rate.

The “trace” effect which was improved by Michelin’s backside design technology, StabiliGrip, has been designed especially for Alpin 5. Thanks to wider tire trace focusing on stronger road holding, Michelin Alpin 5 has also blocking feature itself thanks to its unique design. There is “Elastromer” technology which has been put into the design of a winter tire first time.

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