Kale Gets 1st Prize In Supplier Award Program

4In the scope of Supplier Award Program organized by TAYSAD, Kale Oto Radyator received 1st Prize in Industrial Design category

Under the scope of Supplier Award Programme organised by Taysad (Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufacturers) every year, our company received the 1st prize in Industrial Design category during the General Assembly Meeting held at Taysad on 11th March 2015

By registering a total of 77 Industrial Designs with the Turkish Patent Institute during 2014, our company has accomplished an important achievement in this field

Including engineering sciences today industrial design, which is a base of making up new product in the meaning of vsiual and technical, has become one of the most important vehicles of companies. In order to protect industrial designs – which make distinction, aesthetic, innovation as well as having a high material gain – should be primarily regsitered on behalf of the firm which is owner of the design. Apart from the current designs which are known and used by consumers, the new and original designs, which are designed as distinctive, provide advantage in the aspect of industrial property and commercial

As Kale Oto Radyatör, we have engineering experience in the issue of engine cooling modules and interior air conditioning. In this scope, we manage original product design and co design works together with our customers. Our product design works show differences according to the engine cooling needs of vehicles. Engine cooling systems should be durable for hard working conditions and ensure well cooling performance. For this reason, the technical spesications of the materials that are used should be chosen conforming to working conditions of vehicles