Iran Suggests Joint Venture Auto Manufacturing

iranFollowing removal of the sanctions against Iran, the country would like to increase collaborations between the two countries to do joint-venture businesses with the businessmen of the two countries.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry paid a visit to Tehran. In this visit, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh, Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, said, “We can export automobiles by making a new design with 50-50 percent partnership to the entire world.” Erdal Bahcivan, Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, visited Tehran, the capital city of Iran with a group of businessmen. Iranian Industry, Mine and Trade Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said they would like to increase collaborations between the two countries. According to the source, Nematzadeh said, “We are going to make four new industrial zones in Iran in order to do jointventure businesses with the businessmen of the two countries. We can export by making a new automobile design in 50-50 percentage to sell across the world.” Also Iranian Technology and Communication Minister Dr. Mahmood Vaezi said following removal of sanctions the first country was Turkey to develop their relations and in terms of getting their needs. Istanbul Chamber of Industry Chairman Erdal Bahcivan said that they were ready to shoulder responsibility to develop the trade with Iran. Highlighting the necessity in tracking the Iranian market closely, Bahcivan said they would set up an Iranian desk in the chamber. “One of the most important sectors that would play role in the upcoming process was Turkish finance sector, once some problems are solved the two countries’ foreign trade might reach by $100 billion,” Bahcivan concluded.

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