Hyundai Assan Breaks Its Respective Record In Exports

Launching its export operation in the year 2002, Hyundai Assan has broken its own export record in the first 7 months this year with the number of 120 thousand 482 unit vehicles

Hyundai has broken its own record in the exports reaching the highest level which started in 2002. Hyundai Assan accomplished the number of 120 thousand 482 unit of exports with the turnover over TL4 billions in the first 7 months of 2017.

Since 2002 when launched its exports onwards, contributing outstandingly to the Turkish economy by shipping over 1 million vehicles to the markets abroad, Hyundai Assan has also broke its own record in the first 7 months this year. Manufacturing i20 and i20 models at its facilities and selling both to the domestic market and abroad, Hyundai Assan has achieved the exports of 120 thousand 482 unit vehicles and reached the highest figure of its history in this period of the first 7 months this year. As for the best customers of Hyundai Assan, they have been in the countries of Germany, the UK and Italy.

In his announcement, stating they would export 90 percent of the vehicles produced at their facility to over 40 countries, Onder Goker, Director General of Hyundai Assan, said; “In the first 7 months this year, we have reach the highest figure in our exports and also our turnover became over TL4 billion in this period. We continue to contribute to the country economy either in terms of both foreign currency and employment. This year, we are celebrating 20th anniversary of starting production in Turkey. At the same time, we have also left behind 15 years in the exports. We exports our Made in Turkey badged vehicles which we manufacture with supper efforts and quality to over 40 countries and we take in pride from this. We will also contribute to the Turkish economy in upper level in the upcoming periods.”

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