Honda Turkey Launches Second Work-Shift


Celebrating the 20th anniversary in its production adventure which launched in 1997, Honda Turkey has started the second work-shift with the investment of 40 million euro

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Honda Turkey has launched the second working shift with investment worth 40 million euro and ensured the number of 400 additional employments. Since 1997, manufacturing over 350 thousand vehicles becoming one of the foremost manufacturers of the Turkish automotive industry, Honda Turkey has crowned its 20th anniversary investing 40 million euro. Having rolled off the production line of 6 various Honda Civic models, Honda plant has raised its production volume from 106 to 175 units/day since Dec. together with the additional investment.

Manufactured in Turkey and exported to 33 countries, Honda Civic Sedan will be demanded more with its diesel version, so, in order to meet the demand the additional investment made, according to the statement of Takuya Tsumura, head of Honda Turkey. Tsumura continued; “We accomplished the sales of nearly 23 thousand Civic Sedans between October 2016 and November 2017. We broke a record achieving the highest sales number since the beginning production of Honda Turkey in 1997. We will continue to set record with the investment of 40 million euro in the upcoming period as well.”

Half of production to exports

Stating they had received additional orders from their current markets and the demand would increase more with diesel Civic Sedans of which production had been prepared, Tsumura recorded; “On behalf of meeting the increased demand, we are employing new 400 people at our plant in Turkey and we are passing to second work-shift. In the first planning, daily production was counted as 160 units, but with the new planning this figure has raised up to 175 units. Half of 50 thousand units of production are exported per annum.”

Respond to intensive demand

Highlighting Honda Turkey plant was one of successful plants in Civic production along with the Turkish labor force in the world, Tsumura said; “We are celebrating our 20th anniversary as Honda Turkey. We did not remain rising our export market from 6 to 33 at the same time we will also realize first diesel-powered Civic sedan in Honda history. We are also planning to boost domestic made component rate which is 40% more with more production units. Thanks to the second work shift we will be meeting the intensive demand.”

Refreshing record in 2018

About the domestic market, Tsumura concluded; “Despite constriction in the domestic market, we have boosted our sales 30 percent in the first 11 months of 2017 with great contribution of new Civic when compared to the previous year. Our objective is to rise our sales volume over 25 thousand units in 2017 and in 2018 we aim to surge the sales over 30 thousand units together with diesel Civic sedan.”

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