Honda Plans To Operate Two Shifts In Turkey Plant


Honda Turkey is planning to enter two shifts in 2017 utilizing its whole capacity to meet both to the home and market abroad.

In 2017, Honda Turkey is planning to operate two shifts in 2017, when the capacity would be utilized completely one shift will belong for the domestic market and other one for the export markets. Honda Turkey Chairman Yamasaki said, “We are planning two shifts in 2017. We also consider production to be 35 thousand units. In 2018, we aim to utilize full capacity of 50 thousand units with two-shifts.” Informing they had launched production of Honda Civic Sedan on 16th September, the gasoline model 1.6 on 8 October in the second stage its LPG version and 1.5 turbo model would be offered for sales at the beginning of 2017, Yamasaki said, “Our expectation and aim is to attract our current customers with new customers to Honda brand through new Civic Sedan.” Yamasaki noted gasoline automatic model would be equipped with CVT transmission, having improved more this transmission was better as performance in addition to the efficiency, as well as durability has been increased. “We will be first location for new model and investment” over a question, Hideto Yamasaki said, “Honda has globally filled 90 percent of production capacity. When we approach 100% in Global and Turkey, we will be first place for the new model and investment.” Stating they would not raise the number of the dealers, Yamasaki said, “We planned and implemented of our dealer number in line with our plant’s current capacity of 50 thousand units. When we reach by the capacity of 50 thousand units, our current number of 42 dealers will be enough for us.”

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