COMVEX Istanbul Opens

comwexThe 5th edition of COMVEX Istanbul Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Components Expo is being held at Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, on May 21-24, 2016.

Readying for its 5th edition, COMVEX – Commercial Vehicles, Buses and Components Expo is bringing together the automotive sector at Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center on 21-24 May 2016. Posing an outstanding marketing platform which generates new commercial opportunities, Turkey has been an important commercial position in terms of trade position and competition power as well as an important meeting venue with its manufacturing power, information accumulation in commercial vehicles, bus and automotive supplier industry. The logistic closeness, production power and quality and advantage of competition power in the market regarding geographic condition, Turkey keeps its feature being as an open market to generate and promote the new commercial opportunities. In addition to its job opportunities and contribution to economic activities, The Turkish automotive industry has been the export leader in the country for years. “COMVEX Fair is our foremost fair to provide possibility to open local and regional markets. The fair plays a crucial role in terms of being offered of new products and technologies in the commercial vehicle sector. The fair will contribute to use our industrial position more effective in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, North Africa and to get more share from the trade in the region,” according to the statement. The countries in Eurasia pose a remarkable market with their dynamic populations, purchasing power, cultural ties and commercial potentials. So COMVEX Istanbul is an important organization in terms of increasing market share by getting new orders, keeping current customers and sales, increasing brand recognition, expanding export possibilities, tracking competitors, reaching potential customers, seeing and displaying the state-of-the art technologies and designs, comparing products with alternative products, finding new distribution channels, expediting sales process, discovering new markets in both local and international arena, catching chance by exhibiting products against rivals. The all establishments which provide products and service to the bus industry come together at COMVEX Istanbul, a venue where the future of highway passenger transport to be shaped. This year, COMVEX Istanbul will be a platform where transport policies to be addressed as a whole by gathering all highway transport sector under a single roof with support of TOFED. Having held concurrently Comvex Istanbul and LOGIST Eurasia Fairs which will serve to the needs of companies of commercial vehicles, buses, supplier industry transport, loading, unloading, pilling, warehousing vehicles, product and service needs in system and technology.

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