Automotive Firms Hold Campaigns To Boost Sales

Turkish automotive firms and brands suggest postponing payment in order to boost their share in the domestic market via organizing campaigns

The Turkish automotive firms try to raise the sales of automobiles and light commercial vehicles via organizing campaigns through attractive prices.

The total market of Turkish automobile and light commercial vehicles constricted 2.79 percent in the first 7 months this year over the same period previous year.

According to the information compiled from some of the Turkish automotive firms, the automotive brands hold competition in order to boost their share in the domestic market organizing campaigns.

Offering advantageous and alternative payment campaigns, there are opportunities such as “buy now, start payment in January 2018; half now, the rest in 2018; postponing 50% or more for 36 months as balloon payment; fixed term payment up to 4 years; TL5 thousand in cash; zero interest rate up to 20 months; discount up to 2% in cash purchasing; installment payment through TL963 per month; discount up to TL4,500 and fixed currency.”

Zero interest rate up to 20 months

Zero interest rate for 20 months in Citroen C4 Cactus and new C3 1.2 PureTech models, as for other new C3 models TL20 thousand for 20 months fixed term with 0.69% interest rate.

Also swap discount worth TL2000 is suggested for C-Elysee, C4, C4 Cactus, C4 Picasso and Berlingo Combi models.

Half now, the rest in 2018

Dacia’s campaign offers “pay half now and the rest in 2018”, in this scope half of the vehicle price is paid during purchasing as cash or swap, the rest half is paid via fixed term up to 48 months with 1.19 percent fixed interest.

Buy now start payment in 2018

Fiat offers its vehicles with the campaigns “buy now start payment in 2018 in this category Egea Sedan is sold by cash worth TL25 thousand and the rest monthly installment TL1099; 500L model TL30 thousand by cash and TL1431 installment; 500X TL40 thousands of cash and monthly TL1669 installment; Egea Hatchback with TL30 thousands of cash and monthly TL1099 installment; Linea TL20 thousands of cash and monthly TL1092 installment; Punto TL20 thousands of cash and monthly TL1161 installment.

Zero interest rate up to 20 months

Ford offers zero interest rate for all passenger and commercial models and discount in cash purchasing.

As for the customers who do not prefer purchasing with zero interest rate, the firm suggests 2 percent discount in cash purchasing.

Installment opportunity beginning from TL963

Peugeot models offer installment opportunity beginning from TL963 and advantageous loan options.

While Peugeot 208 is sold beginning with TL54,300, Peugeot 308 is sold with 20 months free interest for the part of TL20 thousand or TL36 thousand for 48 months installment. Half now, the rest in 2018

Renault campaign suggests half of the price is paid in purchasing, the rest half in 2018; the vehicle price is paid as cash or swap, the rest amount is lent up to 48 months with 1.19% fixed interest rate.

Toyota campaigns

Toyota ensures loan possibility worth TL30 thousand up to 24 months fixed term payment with 0.90% interest rate.


Hyundai offers zero interest worth the loan of TL12000 for i10 model. For i20 model TL15 thousand and 15 months zero interest rate; for i30 model the loan is TL30 thousand for 15 months zero interest rate.

Volkswagen offers balloon payment

Volkswagen Auto credit offers balloon payment opportunity for the vehicles’ half price or more than half postponing for 36 months. The rest sum is scheduled according to customer’s payment demand with suitable installments.

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