Logistic Sector Attracts Investment Worth $1,9 Billion

The Turkish logistic sector has attracted foreign investment worth $1,9 billion within 10 years, generated job for 400 thousand people in Turkey, according to Association of International Forwarding and Logistic Service Providers

The logistic sector in Turkey has the capacity to carry the load of the Turkish economy which set the targets for 2023, according to the statement of Emre Eldener, Chairman of the Board of Association of International Forwarding and Logistic Service Providers (UTIKAD).

Reminding highway transportation was used more than other transportation methods, Eldener said; “The share of logistic sector in GDP is nearly 14 percent in Turkey. In terms of the logistic sector operations in Turkey, the growth of the sector has reached worth $150 billion as of today.”

Highlighting the Turkey’s logistic sector had one of the biggest vehicle fleets of Europe, Eldener continued; “In our country there are over 800 thousand trucks registered in traffic according to Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK). But accepting all of these trucks are used in the international transport operation would not be correct. When look at aviation transport, our country’s airway aircraft fleet has the number of 540 units, according to the data from Directorate General of Civil Aviation. When we observe the global data, 1 percent of transport is managed by airway, but in terms of value we see that this volume accounts for 40 percent.”

Recording the Turkish logistic sector would aim to get share as far as possible from the world logistic sector that has reached worth $7 trillion, Eldener said; “The logistic sector has drawn foreign direct investment worth $1,9 billion in 10 years and boosted its cargo capacity fourfold as well as increase in container volume. Currently ensuring employment for 400 thousand people, the logistic sector is a very crucial employment area for our country. Assessing our advantageous position in our geography that we take place, strengthening our place in the global market and increasing importance of our country is important in terms of enlarging market growth and employment of the sector.

In the light of developments ongoing such as inauguration of Istanbul New Airport, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Asyaport, Safiport, Derince, DP World Yarımca port investments, liberalization of railways will allow to reach the capacity opportunities of foreign trade of a country in line with the targets set for 2023 and also our country possesses the qualified human resource power to operate this capacity.”

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