Automotive Sector Ensures Huge Value-Added

“Value-added of the automotive sector is very huge, it is also a sector that we can gain a value-added production and foreign trade surplus,” Ozlem Derici Sengul, head of World Automotive Conference 2017

Ozlem Derici Sengul, Chairman of the World Automotive Conference, in her statement said the automotive sector which accounts for 3 percent of Turkey’s GDP itself was one of the foremost sectors in terms of technology and innovation.

Informing Turkish automotive industry had high capability in integration with the world and as of reflection of that feature, the sector had noteworthy export potential, Sengul pointed out the automobile exports surged 60 percent, as for the total automotive exports 23 percent since January 2017.

Reminding the issue of physical capital – which changes with technology and innovation in the sector – has emerged to forefront at the conference, Sengul recorded “the production, logistic and infrastructure of the sector should be renewed through this technological transformation.”

Highlighting Turkish automotive sector has been fairly in upper levels, she said; “Technology is progressing very swiftly. Some of business areas are going towards extinction. Managing this transformation is a very serious work. For this, it requires to grow readily.”

Indicating the value-added which has been made up by the automotive sector Sengul continued; “It is said that we sell our production as cheap for the overall exports and buy more expensive from market abroad. The automotive sector is one of the sectors that we overcome of that situation; it is also a sector has a value-added production capacity and yielding foreign trade surplus. In other words, the sector produces extra foreign currency not yield deficit.”

“The government opens for technology and innovation”

Sengul said the government has opened to technology and innovation, so the private sector can be able to do improvements.

Stating there was remarkable interest in the world automotive conference this year Sengul said increase of both number and profile of participants showed that the Turkish automotive industry has been in advanced also how much an organization that related to the sector give possibility to the information sharing.

Telling the conference has given opportunity for meeting and cooperation, Sengul recorded the exhibition area has been included to the conference thanks to this; the participants had opportunity to get detail information about companies at the conference this year.

Holding a press conference at the event, Ozgur Yalta, Strategy and Operations Services of Deloitte in Turkey, said the companies would redesign the all operations ranging from production to service, supply chain to product improvement.

Also Gurer Unal, Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder partner of ICRON, said that the software they had developed was a global platform to be able to solve the planning problem of the industry both for current and future.

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