“We Reduce Risks And Manage Opportunities With IATF 16949”

“Having accomplished transition process from ISO/TS 16494 to IATF 16949 through an surveillance in June, the IAFT 16949 Certification has been acquired to our Quality System,” Sami Arican, Quality Manager of Kale Oto RadyatorSami Arican, Quality Manager of Kale Oto Radyator, told the company’s transition process to IATF 16949 by saying; “Transition process of our frim from the ISO/TS 16949 to IATF 16949 has been completed with an interim surveillance in June 2017, so IATF 16949 Certification has been acquired to our system.”

General outlook to Automotive Quality Management System development and IATF 16949

“Regarding ISO 9001 Quality Management System not being able to respond effectively to automotive manufacturers and supplier industry’s needs and expectations, the giant automotive firms have constituted their own quality systems including their customer wishes and then they implemented these systems to their suppliers. QS 9000 was developed by the Americans, VDA 6.1 by the German automotive manufacturers, EAQF by the Frenches and AVSQ standards by the Italians. This condition caused confusions between the firms associated with the automotive firms in other countries and automotive supplier firms which want to make business cooperation as well as financial losses,” added Arican.

“For this reason, ISO/TS 16949 Technical Specification has been issued in order to remove these confusions and varieties. This standard has been based on the main conditions of ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard. It has become an effective standard for the automotive sector especially revealing process approach and customer special wishes to the forefront.”

Following updated of ISO 9001 standard in 2015, IATF 16949:2016 has been issued and the new standard of the automotive sector has been appeared in October 2016 by radically updated of ISO/TS 16949. Together with these new standards, the standards in America and Europe have been aligned.

Scope of certification

·         Automotive industry manufacturers

·         Service parts suppliers

·         Parts-compound suppliers, heat treatment, dying, coating, galvanizing etc. service suppliers.

Highlights of IATF 16949

·         Effective and sustainable Seamless Recovery Activities

·         Activities to prevent faults in the source

·         Effective supply chain management

·         Product safety

·         Integrating with other management system standards

·         Ensuring leadership activities to engage in the process much more

·         Reducing risk and improving opportunity management via implementing widely risk oriented thought

·         Customer special wishes

·         First and second part Audit Ability

·         Manufacturing Feasibility

·         Warranty Management

·         Development of Products Include Embedded Software

·         Emergency Action Plan

Our suggestions to the sector’s employees who get ready to this process with regard to our studies we did in IATF 16949 Certification process

·         Take training about IATF 16949. Let process owners absolutely engage in this training.

·         Have at least 2 persons from Interior auditors in ISO/TS 16949 to get training of IATF 16949. Provide one of these people to be from Quality Management system, as for the other one to be related processes.

·         Risk Management

·         Primarily constitute the process about Risk Management

·         Review the process map belonging to your firm and accomplish the necessary revisions

·         Take into consideration the connections and interactions in the process map, do Risk Analyzes of all processes

·         Absolutely include your existing opportunities that cannot be transformed to value-added into your Risk Analyzes

·         Prepare Quality Development Plans for the activities which reveal at the end of Risk Analyzes and follow effectiveness of these plans in Upper Management Leadership

·         Even though IATF 16949 does not specify the necessary terms, revise Quality Handbook in line with terms of standard for your quality safety system effectiveness.

·         Review your processes again and revise the parts should be changed

·         Make interior inspections according to the system’s necessities

·         Together with revisions in your processes let changes that appear in documentations to adapt to quality system

·         Do Reviewing Meeting of Administration in the leadership of Senior Management. Let all process owners engage in these meetings

·         Prepare a schedule which include aforementioned all activities as well as including all issues related to transition to IATF 16949.

·         Regarding transition to IATF 16949 must be complete by 14th September 2018; provide surveillance audit at least by May 2018 so as to not face without certification against any possible negativity.

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