Vital Importance Of Tires Highlighted In Traffic Symposium

vital-importanceThe 6th Highway Traffic Safety Symposium was held in the capital city of Ankara to highlight traffic safety and to reduce accidents resulting in injuries and deaths every year

Unfitting of tire/vehicle might result unsafety in driving, cause to accidents, addressed at a ‘Symposium for Traffic Safety’, Turkish Tire Industrialists and Importers Association (LASID) also has been at the symposium. Tire under the vehicle has many vital tasks. But all of things must be in a harmonization for safe drive. When tire is used correctly saves life; otherwise it might be cause to accidents. The 6th Highway Traffic Safety Symposium was held in the capital city of Ankara. Setting out to secure traffic safety and to reduce accidents, tire was one of the most important items of the 6th edition of the symposium this year. Bahadir Unsal, Secretary General of LASID, pointed out vital importance of tire in the traffic in his presentation. Stating that the results obtained at the symposium would help a healthily traffic order and reduce accidents. He also marked the association’s expectations and suggestions by saying: “We expect this year’s symposium to make a decision to let drivers and vehicle owners get awareness to use correct tire across the country. We suggest all official bodies, civil society organizations and voluntaries to partner for awareness activities by using all media channels. We consider that the works to be carried out for using correct tire not only winter season, but it should be made seamless for the entire year. Using of winter tire for the commercial vehicles is an important step. We also suggest winter tire to be used in other vehicles.” All organizations and bodies should give hand in hand Bahdir Unsal continued, “Tire has lots of vitality. However, all of them should be in harmonization for a safe drive. Across the world every year, there are millions of accidents resulting in injuries and deaths. In our country there is the number of some 20 million vehicles in the traffic. For this reason all of related organizations and bodies should give hand in hand to solve this problem.” Indispensable rules for safe drive LASID Secretary General Unsal also reminded every factor such as driver, vehicle, road, load, tire and similar ones that have been effective in safe driving; none of them has less importance when compared with each other. He also noted that tire should be in a specified size which has been set by the vehicle manufacturer, maintenance of vehicle and tire should be made regularly, and tire tread depth and air pressures should be checked in a certain intervals, as well as suitable tire in terms of season are indispensable rules. All of traffic rules and signs must be obeyed without concession. “Drivers and vehicle owners should obey the all necessaryrules in order to provide safe driving.”