Unit-Based Automotive Exports Expand

11Despite the automotive industry exports boosted in quantity, regarding fluctuations in euro/ dollar parity, which are continuing for a long time, in terms of value the exports dropped in April

As the automotive industry sustains its export increased based on unit, but the sector experienced loss as value regarding parity

The fluctuation in euro-dollar parity which has been continuing for a long time caused to lose worth $345 million in the sector in April. Accomplishing exports worth $1 billion 843 million in April, in the case without parity loss, the automotive sector would have realized exports worth $2 billion 200 million, according to the report prepare by Turkish Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OIB). Despite experiencing loss based on parity in April, expanding in amount 11 percent marked the automotive sector recorded growth in exports.

In the first four months this year, accomplishing exports worth $7 billion 50 million with 8 percent plunge over the same period last year, setting increase only in bus, minibus and midibus product group drew attention in this period. As for April, the sector exports experienced loss in all main product groups, over the same month previous year. According to this, the automotive supplier industry exports decreased 12 percent to $738 million, passenger car exports $662 million with 8 percent plunge, special purpose vehicle exports $308 million with 22 percent decrease, bus, minibus and midibus product group exports became $96 million with 1 percent slump. As for the sector exports under other item increased 23 percent to $39 million.

In January-April 2015, the automotive supplier industry exports accomplished $2 billion 830 million with 14 percent slump, in passenger cars export the rate of decrease became 4 percent to $2 billion 423 million, special purpose vehicle exports were $1 billion 330 million with 3 percent loss. In this period exports of bus, minibus and midibus group boosted 14 percent to $369 million, under the other item the exports decreased 15 percent to $95 million. When the country-base data examined, the most exports of the sector shipped to Germany. According to this, exports to Germany decrease 7 percent to $308 million; loss of exports to France was 19 percent to $171 million. The exports boosted 1 percent to the UK to $234 million, 84 percent up to the US to $65 million in April. In the first four months, the exports to Germany decreased 11 percent and reached $1 billion 119 million, as for France, the sector exports with 12 percent loss became $693 million. The sector exports increased 21 percent to $956 million, 69 percent to $215 million to the USA.