Turkish Petroleum To Rise Number Of Dealers

turkish-petroleumTurkish Petroleum Distribution Corporate closed the year 2014 with the number of 284 dealers, for 2015 the dealer
figure would reach by 400 units, Mutlu Gul, Director General of the Corporate, said.

Stating that they had added 50 dealers on average every year during last three years, Gul said, “We closed 2014 with
the number of 284 dealers; our aim by the end of 2015 is to accomplish 400 units by adding new 120 dealers. Currently, we have 315 dealers. We also have 35 dealers of which agreements have been signed, waiting for finishing their process, technically construction and covering. In fact, the number of dealer is some 350 units, we will show what we do in the best way.” The usufructuary agreement – which will be renewed between the distributor companies and dealers on 18 Sept – would be one of the most important reasons of TP’s dealer increase, Gul said.

The usufructuary agreement between the distributor companies and dealers is signed mostly for 5 years. For this reason the contracts will be renewed on 18 sept.

Stating that the aforementioned process was a renovation and blood-changing in the aspect of the dealers, also a serious marathon in terms of distributor companies Gul said, “A situation is being formed in which the power of competition increases mutually, as well as more intensive discussions. As Turkish Petroleum Distribution Corporate we are sure that we would maintain our success.”

Some complaints from dealers were not valid for the dealers that do business with them, Gul noted, “When I look at the issue in respect of my own distribution point, I would not see many of the problems which come on the agenda at the meeting.” Gul also reminded privatization of Turkish Petroleum Distribution Corporate could be completed by 2020 that have been clearly specified in the decision of Privatization Board.

“In the decision a 5-year process is foreseen, but there is not any obligation to wait for 5 years. So as the sector developments will be looked at. Currently Turkish Petroleum has a very crucial acceleration. This will be assessed, then the company’s equity, structure, facilities, agreements will be taken into consideration and after the conclusion of these, a decision will be made. Also public offering model, which was stated before, can be implemented,” he added.

Pointing out there was not in question that Turkish Petroleum was going to a certain sell off as block or completely, Gul concluded; “Maybe 49 percent or 51 percent of stocks will be offered to public. Maybe the entire ones will sold as block. The process will be cleared after the company structure will be recognized by the Privatization Board and after this the situation will be concluded.”