Turkish Automotive Industry Ranks Globally 15th

turkish-automotive-industryThe world’s vehicle production increased 1 percent amounting to 90 million 683 thousand 72 units, Turkish automotive industry raised two steps ahead to 15th line in 2015

Last year taking place in the countries mostly increased its production; Turkish automotive industry raised two steps forward to 15th line in the world. The world’s vehicle production increased 1 percent in 2015 amounting to 90 million 683 thousand 72 units. According to the data from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), being 89 million 776 million 465 units in 2014, expanding 1 percent the world’s vehicle production reached by the number of 90 million 683 thousand 72 units in 2015. The automobile production took the highest share in the land vehicles with 75.6 percent. In this period, the automobile production increased 1.2 percent totaling 68 million 561 thousand 896 units. Secondly mostly produced vehicles were light commercial vehicles with 2.6 percent rise to 18 million 369 thousand 579 units last year. As for the heavy commercial vehicles decreased 9.3 percent to 3 million 428 thousand 612 units. In the bus and minibus group, the production increase was 2.2 percent to the number of 322 thousand 985 units in 2015.

Helm in China
Having regarded the locomotive of the global economy, China sustains its leadership in vehicle production which
took over from the US in 2009. Increasing its production 3.3 percent to 24 million 503 thousand 326 units, Chinese automotive industry manufactured 12 million 403 thousand 231 units more than the USA production. China was followed by the USA with some 12,1 million and then Japan with 9 million 278 thousand 234 units. Germany ranked 4th with 6 million, South Korea with 4 million 556 thousand became fifth in vehicle production in 2015. One in 67 vehicles produced in Turkey Turkish automotive industry was one of the countries that mostly increased its production with 16.1 percent and ranked 15th in the world. In Europe, Turkish automotive industry ranked 6th following Germany, Spain, France, the UK and Russia. Last year, 791 thousand 27 units were automobile production, 567 thousand 769 units commercial vehicles of the total vehicle production accounting for 1 million 358 thousand units. With this end, one of every 67 vehicles in the world was produced in Turkey. In 2015, Italy became the country increasing its vehicle production most with 45.3 %, Sweden with 22.6%, Turkey with 16.1%, Spain with 13.7% and Hungary with 13.2% respectively. The most production decrease happened in Russia with 26.6 percent last year.

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