Turkey Considered Nominee In Manufacturing Of SsangYong

turkey-considered“Turkey is a single nominee to manufacture SsangYong in out of Korea,” according to the statement of Yunus Sahsuvaroglu, Deputy Director General of SsangYong Distributor in Turkey.

The president and CEO of Korean SsangYong Motor Co., Johng Choi said Turkey was a single address to manufacture in out of Korea. While investment issue in Turkey comes on the agenda in Korea, also Yunus Sahsuvaroglu, Deputy Director General of Turkey’s Distributor of SsangYong announced the details of the issue to the daily Star newspaper. Sahsuvaroglu said they had accomplished the biggest SsangYong plaza of the world. Whenever the Korean media sees Johng Choi asks him, when would you invest in Turkey? Related news appeared in 20 newspapers that “Turkey wants to manufacture SsangYong.” In his last statement, he said; “If we produce the Korean vehicle in out of the country, that country would be Turkey. If the plan would realize, we guess that in the first stage assembly production will be installed. Then they would observe the market and when the market conditions materialize, the whole production might be launched.” Mentioning about Tivoli which is the most assertive model of Ssang Yong in recent time, Sahsuvaroglu said they could not meet the orders. When asked what comes to your mind when said Tivoli, Sahsuvaroglu said, “When I saw Tivoli, I liked much. I was excited. We had a slogan as the group; “We are an assertive and dynamic team making business with affection, letting the customers enjoy over their expectations.” This slogan has exactly corresponding with Tivoli. Tivoli model is quite assertive.”Stating they gave much importance to investments, Sahsuvaroglu said, “We take care of the service stations in a way to operate maintenance of 80-90 vehicles/day, to display 40-50 vehicles in the showrooms.