Trucks With Ecotorq Engines Wins ‘Truck of the Year’ in China

With regard to Ford Otosan’s technology and engineering transfer to China, JMC Weilong trucks was deserved International Truck of the Year Award (ITOY) in China

Having improved by Ford Otosan technology, trucks with ecotorq engines won Truck of the Year in China. Having improved by effort of the Turkish engineers following technology and engineering exports of Ford Otosan from Turkey to China, JMC Weilong trucks with Ecotorq engines have deserved the award ‘Chinese Truck of the Year’ which is subsidiary of International Truck of the Year (ITOY).

Having accomplished truck and engine production via Turkish design and engineering for over 55 years, the trucks with Ecotorg engines owning Ford Otosan’s Industrial Property Rights have won ‘Truck of the Year’ award in China a short time later after the serial production.

Tough driving tests and evaluation in 26 categories

The jury members of International Truck of the Year (IToY), jury of Chinese Truck of the Year’ that composed of representatives of Chinese commercial vehicle media and customers’ representatives applied a tough evaluation process to choose ‘truck of the year’. Following road tests in different categories and other static tests, JMC Weilong was subjected to a series of evaluation in 26 categories such as aerodynamic, interior design, ergonomic, driving comfort, price, safety and engine performance. Finally JMC Weilong deserved to get the award of Truck of the Year.

Highlighting JMC Weilong truck had written a success story that manufactured by supports of the Turkish engineers, Haydar Yenigun, Director General of Ford Otosan, said; “As Ford Otosan, we have signed with JMC about engine technology, truck chassis and cabin production license agreement, this project – which entered into force with great efforts of the Turkish engineers – shows our high level that we have achieved in technology and engineering. As soon as these trucks, of which we have its industrial property rights ranging from chassis to cabin, start serial production has won ‘Truck of the Year’ award. This is not only source of proud for Otosan, but also for all of Turkey. Almost a success story was written in this project we started in 2013. I thank once again to our colleagues who took duty in the development and production process of the trucks with Ecotorq engines assumed a role as opening gateway to the world. As Ford Otosan, we take pride in contributing value to our country economy in the area of engineering and technology.”

Experiences of Ford Otosan are transferred via the Turkish engineers

JMC Weilong model, to which the product improvement teams of Ford Otosan engineered, has been restructured newly. The Turkish team has been working for nearly 2,5 years in China so as to being determined its features compliance with market needs, preparing sales and aftersales teams. Ford Otosan continues to transfer its knowledge and know-how gained in the home and global markets in sales, aftermarket and marketing to Chinese JMC firm.

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