Total Automotive Production Achieves Historical High

The Turkish total automotive production has achieved historical high in terms of the production in January-September 2017 increasing 18 percent to 1 million 224 thousand 838 units, according to the statement posted by Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD)

Turkish automotive total production has increased 18%, the automobile production 31% in January-September 2017 year on year. In this period, the number of the total automotive production became 1 million 224 thousand units, automobile production 839 thousand units. While the commercial vehicle production decreased 2 percent and light commercial vehicle 3%, the heavy commercial vehicle production increased 9 percent. Together with tractor production the total automotive production reached 1 million 262 thousand 572 units. The tractor production itself decreased 1% to 38,734 units in January-September 2017.

The total domestic market constricted 2% to 643 thousand in this period. The automobile market contracted 3 percent to 477 thousand in this period. The commercial vehicle and light commercial vehicle domestic market increased 2%, heavy commercial vehicle market decreased 6% in this period.

The share of imported automobiles became 70% in the first 9 months this year. While the total automobile sales decreased 3% and imported ones 10%, the sales of domestic made automobiles increased 22% in this period. The sales of imported light commercial vehicles matched 49%. In this period, the total commercial vehicle market increased 2% and imported light commercial vehicles 6%; the domestic made light commercial vehicles slightly decreased 1%. The heavy commercial vehicle market decreased 6% to 15,352 units, truck market 4% to 13,405 units respectively, coach market kept its level to 1,316 units and bus market plunged 38% to 631 units. As for the last decade on average, the total automotive domestic market increased 19%, automobile market 30%, light commercial vehicle 1% respectively; but heavy commercial vehicle market dropped 38% in this period.

The total automotive exports increased 24 percent based on unit, as for the automobile exports surged 38 percent in January-September 2017. The number of total automotive exports reached 984 thousand units accounting for 80% of the total automotive production; the automobile exports accomplished 689 thousand units in this period. The total automotive exports expanded 22% based on dollar and euro in this period. The total automotive exports reached worth $21,2 billion, automobile exports $8,6 billion. The tractor exports kept its exports level to 10,166 units in this period.

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